Other Side of the Mirror – # 62 – Nasty Boys Don’t Mean a Thing, Nasty Habits Recap

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This is the full recap for Nasty Habits, the fourth episode of season three of Once Upon a Time. We discuss the psychology of Clan Rumple, including how Rumple does not believe he is worthy of being loved by anyone, why Neal could not trust his father and how Neal also has an instinct for self-preservation.

Other topics include:

*This week in Janet Jackson, No my first name ain’t baby, it’s Janet. Ms Jackson if you’re nasty.

*This week in Thievery, Robbie Kay steals the episode, Tink finds a watch and everyone else forgets the first rule of burglary

*This week in fabulousness, Rumple glitter bombs some lost boys.

*This week in Rumbelle, everyone swallows a bitter pill, while this week in Captain Swan, Emma and Hook think about other people while interacting with each other.

*This week in Fatherhood, Charming and Rumple are on suicide missions.

*Meanwhile, in Literary Masterpiece Theater, Bri discusses JM Barrie’s notes on Peter Pan (hint:  he’s a demon boy), while Alex analyzes Neal Cassaday’s influence on the Beat Generation writers.

We also have feedback from Nonnie, John, Natalia, Jamie, Anna, Aleanna, Mickey, Geannie, Timespacer, Hope, Angela, Amy and Mo.

Show notes will be posted later on Tumblr.

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