Other Side of the Mirror # 60 – And This One Time….At Pan Camp – Quite a Common Fairy Recap

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This is the full recap for Quite a Common Fairy, the third episode of season three of Once Upon a Time. Lots of character analysis and feedback in our 60th episode, so we’ve included timestamps below. We analyze the scenes between Regina/Emma and Regina/Tinkerbelle, which show amazing growth for the Evil Queen. We slam Neal for his horrifying manipulation of Robin Hood and Roland, discuss the pros and cons of Mulan’s storyline and what it means for the show, and include your feedback.

Other topics include:

*This week in Once Upon a Rom Com, Tinkberbelle, Robin Hood, Mulan and Regina are Sleepless in Fairytale Land, while Robin Hood and Regina Mills star in You’ve Got Fail.

*This week on I Heart the 90s, Regina passes up the chance to go Lisa Left Eye Lopez on Tinkerbelle’s house.

*This week on Breaking Bad, Prince Charming says screw Tinkerbelle, where’s that pixie dust?!

*In this week’s 50 Shades of Regina and Tink, Tinkberbelle ties Regina’s wrists and holds a knife to her throat. In response, Regina gives Tink her heart.

*In this week’s visit to Pan Camp, Emma, Hook, Tinker and Regina play spin the bottle.

Finally, this week on McGyver:Enchanted Forest, Nealfire uses Roland as bait for Michael Jackson’s shadow, who nearly carries the tyke off to Neverland Ranch. 


04:00 Recap of Action in Fairytale Land Past

18:00 Recap of Action in Neverland Present 

49:30 Recap of Action in Fairytale Land Past

01:04:30 Critical, fan and showrunner reception of Mulan/Aurora 

01:12:03 Feedback – Thank you to Jamie, Erin, Aleana, Johanna, Jonathan, Hope, Amanda, Ragged Writer

01:21 Unsolicited relationship advice!

01:25 General tomfoolery!

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