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In this full recap of episode 3, Lost Girl, we deconstruct the current state of the Regina / Emma relationship (it’s complicated), diagnose the main problem with the war for the throne (we don’t know anything about Leopold or his kingdom) and praise the show for most of its Neverland direction.

This week in Neverland: Regina can’t find the Marriott; Hook auditions to be Emma’s boyfriend; Rumple channels Cat Stevens; Pan trolls everyone; Snow turns into Hover Mom; and Hook and David have a Brodown.

Meanwhile, in Flashback Land:  Snow snaps into Braveheart mode; Bambi photobombs Snow and Charming; the dwarfs become official groupies; Medieval Cher trolls the Shepherd; Rumple picks up another trophy; and David lies to start a war and is rewarded with a makeout session.

This week in the Rumpleverse:  Belle continues to play Imaginary Skipper to Rumple’s Barbie; Rumple’s Shadow buries the dagger; and Rumple confronts his past by trying to destroy his doll. 

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