Other Side of the Mirror # 43 – Blackened Sole… Selfless, Brave and True Recap

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In this recap of Selfless, Brave and True, we analyze how this episode fell apart and why August is a missed opportunity for both Emma and Neal.  

What else are we talking about this week?

*Contributions by Hope, Nonnie, Eric, Pearl, Sarah, John, Aleanna, Erin, Kelly and Jeanne!

*Tamara’s Taser of Doom!

*Wooden Swan shippers are sad. Wooden Thief shippers are sad. Swan Thief Shippers are happy. All other ships were ignored.

*If Alex and Bri talked like Tamara and Neal their dialogue would go something like this:

      Alex:  You know the other day I was on Planet 9, so I didn’t get the dishes done. 

      Bri:  This is something you’re just making up because you’re still in love with the Swan Girl!

Show Notes

Greg and Tamara instantly reminded Bri of Boris and Natasha.  Anyone want to tell us who the Rocky and Bullwinkle of Once Upon a Time would be? 

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