Other Side of the Mirror # 32 – Fee Fi Fo Um.., Recap of Tiny

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David’s name is David! Jack and the Beanstalk was really Jacqueline! Secrets and history revealed! Rumple in an airport! Cinnabon gets its product placement mileage. Filler! Discussing the good, the bad, and the really bad about Tiny. Did it all amount to a bunch of beans? We announce our fairy tale book club story selections, and the date of discussion (February 23). Is Anton the new Ariel? The many plotlines of Once and the ones we think are dangling by a thread, we seriously don’t know if Cora was Regina, and Charming and Snow celebrate their goodness – should we? We gotta take this to court: our approach to the adoption issue with contributions from listeners!

Feedback from Michelle, Marcella, Erin, Kelsey, Kelly, Phee, Bri, and Timespacer.

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