Other Side of the Mirror # 29- Wild Orchid, Wild Ships and Wild Fans

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We complain about the three-week hiatus, like everyone else is!  We discuss our second book club selection, Wild Orchid, by Cameron Dokey. It’s a retelling of Mulan and we liked it quite a bit. We share some listener feedback about the book, and then we visit with the creator of Once Upon a Time Conversations, “A collection of dialogue summaries and how-it-should-have-happeneds.” 

Also up for discussion are:

The kiss – the fandom continues to freak out about Gold and Cora, and Alex admits to being a shipper of “Cold”

Spoilers – do you like them, avoid them, or hate them with a passion? 

Our February book club pick – the Brothers Grimm fairy tales! We’ve chosen Snow White and the Miller’s Daughter but we want you to pick a few more for us to discuss!

Discussion of Wild Orchid (8:20 to 24:00)

Interview with Maddie of OUAT Conversations (25:00 to 50:58)

Trigger Warning – rape – (41:00 to 42:00)

Our guest’s site: http://ouatconversations.tumblr.com

Bri is the founder and co-editor of What the Fangirl. She loves chai lattes, Disney and fairy tales.

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