Other Side of the Mirror # 23 – This Hiatus is no Picnic!

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The end of Once Upon a Time’s winter hiatus is in sight! On today’s podcast we discuss our impression of Sebastian Stan’s turn in the Broadway revival of the play Picnic; feedback on the OUAT videogame question; Charming’s excessive use of pink lip gloss; new episode titles [spoiler alert] for episodes 10 through 16. (If you don’t want to hear speculation based on the titles skip from 23:16 to 27:13)

We had questions about Cora and you had answers!

*What if Regina had a twin?

*Did Snow White have another run-in with Cora?

*Our listener Marcella’s theory about Rumple and Cora

*Whether Henry was a feature of the curse or a surprise

Alex and Bri compare the way Rumple is perceived and the way Regina is perceived aka “Rumple did wrong but he had good motives for everything” “everything Rumple did is in the service of finding his son vs. everything Regina did is in the service of evil.”

Finally we want to thank our listeners and wish everyone a happy new year!

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