Once Upon a Time Roundtable

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Bri participated in the first Once Upon a Time podcast roundtable, hosted by Daniel from Oncepodcast.com! There were several participants. Each of us introduced our podcast, our favorite pet theories and we discussed what we saw season two including. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for Daniel for providing the audio!  We recorded this 12/19/12. Find the video link on our website.

Participants: Bill Meeks from Greetings from Storybrooke, Bri from Other Side of the Mirror, Daniel J. Lewis and Jenny from ONCE podcast, Jose Carradero from Storybrooke Herald, Kaori Takee and Tiona Hobson from AfterBuzz TV and Rebecca Johnson from Operation Cobra Podcast

Bri is the founder and co-editor of What the Fangirl. She loves chai lattes, Disney and fairy tales.

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