Other Side of the Mirror # 20 – Beauty and the Beasts: Belle, Ruby and Mr. Gold

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When reading fan message boards, Alex and Bri discovered that some fans of the show think Belle is a nagging shrew who isn’t being fair to Mr. Gold. We disagree and tell you why. Also discussed are new interviews with Lana Parrilla and Josh Dallas and we conduct an interview with Red Beauty shipper, Bobbie. We end the episode with thank yous and feedback. 

Interview timestamp is 11:55 to 41:56, for those you don’t want shipper content.

Topics discussed include: How Mr. Gold mirrors the Beast from Beauty and the Beast , how Ruby parallels the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, the references to specific scenes in the Beauty and the Beast movie that were recreated in Child of the Moon. Also Swan Queen, Wizard of Oz references in the Doctor, Once’s creators’ view of shipping and Regal Cricket. Show notes: http://othersideofthemirror.com/post/37584203808/episode-20

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