Other Side of the Mirror # 15 – Who’s Afraid of the New Big Bad?

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The first of two episodes we will post during Once Upon a Time’s brief hiatus. Bri announces the first book selection for her new retold Fairy Tale Book Club: Fairest of Them All by Serena Valentino, a young adult novel that reveals the origin story of the evil queen. The discussion episode for the novel will be on December 15. If you read the book, send us feedback of what you thought! Now that we are seven episodes in, Bri and Alex review the highlights and lowlights of Season 2 so far: Who is our Most Valuable Player and who is the Goat? What’s the narrative throughline for the second season of Once Upon a Time? Will Once Upon a Time go the way of Hercules or Buffy the Vampire Slayer? And prompted by a listener question, we discuss what’s going with Regina, Henry, and how the show might’ve handled the redemption curse another way.  Curb your OUAT withdrawal with us! Show notes:  http://othersideofthemirror.com/post/36006187053/episode-15

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