Other Side of the Mirror # 9 – Tick Tock, a Recap of The Crocodile

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We recap The Crocodile, the 4th episode of the 2nd season of Once Upon a Time. We were not in love with this one, although we thought Robert Carlyle was awesome and carried the episode on his shoulders. The Powers That Be have given Rumple yet another mythological identity, as he is now the Crocodile from JM Barrie’s popular stories. We explore the history of Peter Pan and discuss how Neverland may impact the show. Alex was underwhelmed by Hook’s initial appearance, but Bri appreciated his Guyliner. Although the episode was superficially about the men, the show highlighted the thwarted dreams of Belle and Milha and gave us more background on which heart-stopping maneuvers Rumple taught Regina. We learned new revelations about the extent of Rumple’s powers: he can turn time backwards and forwards. Just like Cher! And the final scene has us anticipating the WWE cage match between tag teams Cora/Hook and Regina/Rumple. #Let’sgetreadytorumble!!!!!!!

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