Other Side of the Mirror # 8 – Something in the Water, A Lady of the Lake Recap

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We recap Lady of the Lake, the 3rd episode of the 2nd season of Once Upon a Time. We generally like this episode, but see it as mainly filler, aside from the brilliant mother-daughter moments and thread of parental sacrifice.  We have zero theories for this episode! However, we (briefly) discuss Halloween plans and Bri’s plan to carve a Once pumpkin. Emma questions the food of the Enchanted Forerst which leads us to conclude we missed her snark. Does Emma have knowledge of recent Disney movies and characters like Mulan? Wouldn’t it be awesome if HGTV had a “Once Upon a Castle” episode? Emma shows us what she would’ve been like on a procedural. We still can’t get into Aurora, but Mulan is pretty cool, and we are really into Lancelot. Cora fooled us all, King George is a total downer and David’s parenting skills are scurtinized (again). Poor Regina!

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