Other Side of the Mirror # 7 – Polls, an Interview, and Alex Rants, Oh My!

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A discussion of shipping, an interview with a Regina and Swan Queen vidder (xWhatsYourFandomx) fan recs and more. 

Timestamps for those who might not want to listen to shipper content! 

1:00 Our visit to the pumpkin patch – we saw Graham’s heart in a jar!

2:14 Alex on shipper polls & Swan Queen. Hypeable.com had a poll question about Emma’s suitors and they were August, Hook, Jefferson, Graham and Other. “Other” aka “Regina” won. A Hypeable employee questioned this and small group of fans were offended. Alex of course has to talk about it.   

9:14 Interview with Callie, xWhatsYourFandomx, an amazing Once and Swan Queen vidder on the character of Regina, her vidding technique, etc. We even mention Evil Charming.

37:32 Fan recommendations – a Rumple video, Hipster Once, etc

41:00 Alex will be taking Bri to Disney on Ice, which Alex will find to be a magical experience

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