Two ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Trailers in 24 Hours!

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HASHTAG Blessed!

Solo: A Star Wars Story dropped two trailers in 24 hours!

Okay, I know that the first one was a teaser that premiered during the Super Bowl. It teased the official teaser (JUST GIVE US ONE FULL TRAILER) that dropped today. Since the Super Bowl trailer had different footage and feeling from the official trailer, I’m going to treat it as it’s own beast.

In case you missed the teaser from last night, check it out:

That shot with the Star Destroyer coming through the clouds still gives me chills.

While this was just enough to get everyone hyped for the big trailer, there’s still moments that got people talking. Namely, Lando Calrissian’s (Donald Glover) fashionable hero moment with this gorgeous cape-fur coat thing. That was honestly my favorite moment too!


This one is my personal favorite calling out Donald Glover’s rap persona, Childish Gambino:

I’m more hyped about Lando in this movie than anything else at the moment…

But you’re not here to look at things from a trailer you already seen fifty times since last night! You’re here to see (probably again) the new trailer that dropped today. Unlike the Super Bowl spot, we finally get to see a real good first look at Alden Ehrenreich playing the iconic smuggler:

I have one wish for this movie and all the “Star Wars Story” tie ins. They need to be genre flicks. It needs to be well written in a particular genre to carry a certain kind of story. For example, Captain America: Winter Soldier is a superhero movie, but it’s also a political thriller. You can change Steve Rogers into any random soldier dude, and it would still work as a movie. We saw the beginning of this formula in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with them making a straight up war movie filled with all the battle tropes and cues. It worked quite well (though I’m biased because Rogue One is one of my favorite Star Wars movies with one of my favorite actors in it).

Now, it’s time for SOLO to follow what Rogue One started. This needs to be a solid heist movie with a well written story regardless of this being in the Star Wars universe. Between the two trailers, I’m starting to see the first hints of it. I’m not completely sold yet on SOLO, but they teased enough to have me intrigued.

…Mostly because of Lando.

SOLO: A Star Wars Story is out Memorial Day weekend on May 25th, 2018.

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