You should be happy you weren’t in “The Room Where it Happens” when I found out that Daveed Diggs will probably be fighting for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” in the upcoming TNT show based on the 2013 movie Snowpiercer. I felt “Helpless-ly” “Satisfied” as I shrieked in excitement. All we have to do is “Wait For It” to come out.

I should “Take a Break” from the Hamilton puns in this article.

Deadline announced that Hamilton performer Daveed Diggs got casted in the upcoming show based on the Chris Evans 2013 movie Snowpiercer. Deadline reports:

Diggs will star as Layton Well, a prisoner barely surviving the harsh conditions in the tail end of the train. A quiet thinker who spends his days sniffing the industrial-waste-turned-drug Chronole and tending to his cage full of rats, Layton becomes a reluctant participant in a struggle that could upend life on the train.

As of right now, there’s no release date for the television show.

I’m sure Mr. Diggs will “Blow Us All Away” with his performance. Sorry! I know I said no more puns, but I had to “One Last Time.”


Source Deadline