My Top Favorite Commercials from Super Bowl LI

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Another Super Bowl is in the books, and I’m still recovering from the devastating loss of my hometown team. We went gaga over Lady Gaga’s Halftime throw down performance. We snapped a firm “WORK” for Hamilton’s Schuyler Sisters adding “Sisterhood” into the lyrics of “America the Beautiful.” We weathered fallout from controversial Twitter rants. And as much I hate to admit it because my feelings are still recovering from my Atlanta Falcons’ loss, the actual game was one for the ages as the New England Patriots claimed a historic victory.

There’s another important element when watching the Super Bowl:

The commercials!

Overall, I found the commercials alright for the most part. There were several standouts for me including movie trailers for my most anticipated films of this year. In no particular order, these are my favorite commercials from Super Bowl LI.

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2


Stranger Things Season Two


Airbnb, “#weaccept”


84 Lumber

Fox deemed the full commercial too controversial to air. Viewers saw an edited version during the show. This is the full five minute mini movie.


I’m an old N*Sync fan from way back, so I couldn’t help but giggle at this spot.

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