‘Timeless’ Boss Wants Focus on Golden Trio and Not Romance at the Moment (Thank Goodness!)

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Here’s some great news for me about one of my new favorite television shows.

Timeless executive producer Eric Kripke sat down with TV Line to discuss potential romance between Lucy and Wyatt as well as why they’re waiting on it:

Have Timeless‘ Lucy and Wyatt crossed over into something beyond just friends?

“Short answer: no,” executive producer Eric Kripke tells TVLine. “Long answer is, there’s some kind of sexual tension there. I think that first kiss [in last month’s Bonnie and Clyde episode] kind of awoke something that was subconscious before that in both of them… I don’t think they’re going to be hooking up any time soon,” the EP says. “It’s just another color in their relationship.”

For now, the NBC drama is more interested in a threesome of sorts: the kinship between time-travelers-in-arms Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus:

“The thing we’re most focused on in the short term is this idea that these three characters have really become a family,” Kripke shares, “and that they’ll really fight for each other and protect each other, as much as they might drive each other nuts, and that the bonds between them are growing very strong.”

Here’s why I love this news:

For one, I adore Rufus. He’s my favorite character, and (to me) he’s far more interesting than Lucy and Wyatt. The narrative stakes are always way higher for him than the other two. A lot of times when a couple get together on a show, the romance becomes the main plot. I would hate for a Lucy-Wyatt romance to leave Rufus’ narrative behind.

The other reason is a huge pet peeve of mine when it comes to television. I don’t believe every leading guy and gal have to end up together romantically. How many shows can you think of where the man and woman are just friends? There really aren’t that many of them. It’s easy to write cliches and tropes with romance and harder to write against the grain with friendships. That’s a huge reason why I loved Will and Fiona in About a Boy (minus the series finale) and Will Scarlet and Alice on Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. But apparently in television if one lead has a penis and the other has a vagina, then it’s required for them to make out, shag, and get married at some point.

Don’t get me wrong, because I think Lucy and Wyatt are cute. I do have to commend the Timeless team for having several episode sewing distrust among the trio. It helps build the Lucy-Wyatt story. But from episode one, you knew Lucy and Wyatt would be the endgame romance. There are no surprises there. At least it sounds like the Timeless writers will take their time on it. Between Wyatt’s feelings for his dead wife, Rittenhouse, and time traveling terrorists, the main leads have much bigger problems to worry about than their sexual tension.

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