ABOUT LAST NIGHT The Blacklist Pulls a Jon Snow, Grey’s Sends Off Arizona Without Killing Her & The 100 Exists

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A quick SPOILERY roundup for Thursday, May 19. What did you think about last night? And what’d we miss? Let us know in the comments!


Twists! Turns! Twists! Guess what people? Liz isn’t really dead! She turned up in Cuba with husband and daughter. This you just might have guessed beforehand but the bigger twist was that Red wasn’t behind the fake-out, Kate was! This involved all kinds of REALLY??? level tomfoolery, like putting Liz into a sleeping curse/medically induced coma.


Then Alexander Kirk tracks them to Cuba and the final scene is Liz tied up, with no Tom or baby Agnes in sight.


I hope you weren’t completely over April‘s pregnancy twists, because the show had one last twist (we hope) to throw at you: a no-anesthesia C-section on Meredith‘s kitchen table!


No I’m serious. That happened.

Also Amelia is annoying and acerbic and flawed, but Meredith telling Owen to call Christina right before the wedding was kinda of a bitch move even if we understood why she did it, am I right?

Arizona decides Callie can take their daughter to live in New York with her new woman. After a TV season where 40 percent of all lesbians were blown to smithereens on their way out, Shonda‘s ability to simply write a girl off without bloodshed was telling. #SLOWCLAP

See show-runners, it’s not that hard. Grey’s Anatomy hasn’t exactly shied away from death over the years. But after last year’s gut-wrenching final two eps the show wisely ended it with a wedding and a baby instead.

THE 100


If there’s one thing The 100 does well, it’s ensuring that its flawed characters are pressured from all sides by dwindling resources, more enemies and situations where there are no “good” choices. This means it sometimes feels like all the series has to offer is unrelenting doom, but that’s preferable to shows like Once Upon a Time, where characters are running for their lives in every single episode only for a deus ex machina to drop down from the heavens to ensure almost much everyone survives unscathed. This week Clarke had to face both her courage and self-doubt, choose humanity by hitting the ALIE kill switch… and oh-by-the-way reunite for a battle and a kiss with her dead lover. Lexa went out fighting this time and the show seemed to acknowledge the importance of Lexa to Clarke and vice versa…which is not to say that Clarke won’t end up with Bellamy next season because we all know how TV works: Bellamy will not only live to the bitter end of this show but also get the girl. Am I wrong?


The Catch lost us after 2.5 episodes, did it lose you?

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