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Hoopla, a popular digital free source for comics, books, movies, television shows, and music, has made a big update for the month of May. The service has added a huge number of new titles. As for music, they have all of the latest music every Tuesday on music release day, but you’ll also find some interesting shows and movies such as Walt Before Mickey, and audiobooks galore. However, I want to focus on the comics and how this is a goldmine of reading for any comic fan, and spotlight their newest titles.


First, Archie comics has joined Hoopla, which means all of the Riverdale gang are available for the reading. And we mean all! Over 390 titles to be exact, including the new Archie series, Kevin Keller and more. There’s classic Archie titles as well, which is great to me, because I grew up reading those titles. Afterlife with Archie is on there as well. Archie’s brand, Dark Circle, who publish The Black Hood (which editor Alex loves) and The Foxis also on thereas is the comic Mega Man.

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They also recently added Invincible, No Mercy, and Jem and the Holograms, three series I’m reading now. I’m also catching up on Wonder Woman (The New 52), thanks to Hoopla. My favorites Saga, The Sandman, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Bob’s Burgers, plus my current-reads Lumberjanes, Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Spire, are also accessible. For those with kids or those who like children’s comics, there’s Disney Princess, Disney Uncle Scrooge, Peanuts, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and MinionsThere are 116 Batman titles – there’s a world of DC Comics, from Harley Quinn, etc. The Wicked and Divine and plenty of Image comics may be found there too.

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One bonus for the Hoopla app is their Action View feature:

• Action View showcases the artistry of characters and settings in ways that make the reader experience just as immersive, captivating and intimate as reading a physical comic book

• Readers can enjoy either a full-page view or the panel-by-panel Action View experience; simply double click on a mobile device or single click on a browser to change back and forth

Hoopla is offered by libraries, and is accessible with your local library card- you’ll typically find it under the E-Branch or Media section of your local library website. Check to see if they’re connected to Hoopla, because you’ll get a world of entertainment for free. I use it on the website, Android app and the tablet app.

Oh, and if you want to listen to the music of Prince, they’ve made all of that available too.

Do you use Hoopla? What comic recommendations do you have for Hoopla users? 

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