Review: The Aliens S1E5: The Weapon We Have Is Love

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What an episode of The Aliens! I’m brushing off my old Wizard Wrock CD’s, because Dominic and Holly proved one thing this week. The greatest weapon Lewis has against Fabian, Antoine, and Lily is love. It was tough love, but it came from the right place. For the first time in the series, I feel like Lewis has a direction. I’m finally seeing who this character is.

That is if the promo for next week isn’t true. I swear if he heads off with Lily, this entire show was a waste.



The-Aliens-Episode-Five-HollyAfter sorely missing Holly last week, my baby was back! Holli Dempsey, who plays Holly, nailed the performance never missing an acting beat. She brought such raw emotion to the episode portraying this woman stuck in life. Lord, she was brilliant proving why she is the best written character in the show. Part of me wishes The Aliens was all about Holly as she struggles with drug abuse, finding acceptance with alien coworkers, and discovering her brother is half alien. THAT would be an amazing show! Where can I sign a petition for a Holly spinoff?

Holly’s journey this episode was necessary for both her and Lewis. I’m assuming she left her job from a few episodes back. She wouldn’t ask Lewis for money if she was working. We see her struggle to stay clean from her drug habit. She’s trying to reconnect with her son, Ely, but her previous choices makes him ignore her. Holly makes the easy choice opposed to the right one when she accepts Lily’s proposal to become a drug dealer. I was ready to ship this character a CD of Sia’s “Breathe Me.”

I would have been disappointed in her if it wasn’t for her final act. Lily (who I despise and will get to in a minute) outs to Holly that Lewis is half alien, half human. Holly could have been disgusted like her father. She could have turned away. She could have made another easy choice to save her own life.

The-Aliens-Episode-Five-Holly-LewisInstead, my brave Holly let Lily go and took the fall for a drug bust. She knows she has no chance in the real world. She gives up her freedom to save Lewis. She tells her brother to look out for Ely. She makes the greatest sacrifice for her family. This woman right here is the hero of The Aliens. Why isn’t this show about her?

I don’t foresee Holly being in the finale next week. Being in jail, there’s really no way for her to show up again, especially since this is Lewis’ story. If we don’t have her in episode six, my favorite character went out with a hell of an emotional bang.

Holly, you are the shining star of this series. Miss Dempsey, thank you for bringing this fantastic character to life. You and the character Holly are simply fantastic.


The-Aliens-Episode-Five-DominicI’ve pointed out in the last few reviews about how the marketing was misleading, and The Aliens is actually a drama, not a comedy. Dominic brought the fun this week showing why he’s the other best written character in the show.

Even faced with death, Dominic never gave up being who he is. He stopped one of Fabian’s hit men from killing a man. He bumped into the guy in wonderful Roger Rabbit fashion as he spouted off his rights as a border checkpoint janitor. He put his own life in danger, because it was the right thing to do. It was wonderful. In retaliation the hit man gave the order to Dominic that if he didn’t finish the job, Fabian would kill Dominic. For a chunk of the episode, Dominic proved that he was about as useful as Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove as a secret agent.

Once again, Dominic is setting the example who Lewis should try to be. Dom and Holly both made several choices this week that were correct but were the much harder road. The right choice isn’t the easiest one. Lewis has been trying to take the easy road to balance his alien and human sides. For the second week in a row, Dominic is the voice of reason to Lewis. He flat out says that he’s a shit friend and everything isn’t always about him. Lewis became so focused in himself, that he forgot about people who actually mattered. Dominic gives Lewis that tough love that he desperately needs to hear. Antoine isn’t important. Lily isn’t important. But Holly and Dominic, the two who have stood by Lewis this entire time, are the ones he needs in his life. Lewis needed to hear this.

While I sometimes fear that Lewis will be the downfall of Dominic, I hope that Dominic will be Lewis’ saving grace.


The-Aliens-Episode-Five-LewisI will always admit when I’m wrong. Back in my episode three review, I said that Lewis deserved to be a little selfish. He’d always did everything for his family and work. If I had known it would take him down a murderous, destructive path, I would never had rooted for him.

Dominic nailed it when he said that Lewis was a shit friend. The reason Lewis flipped back and forth on my pros and cons list for several episodes is because the character is written unevenly. Last week, I said I didn’t know who Lewis was. They’ve made advances with the character, and then ripped them away every other episode. We don’t know what kind of story they’re trying to tell for him. Lewis needed something to get him straightened up.

Finally, FINALLY, we have a direction for Lewis! Dominic opened his eyes first when he called out how terrible Lewis has treated Dom for five episodes. Holly furthered that choosing to protect Lewis by going to jail. I think Lewis finally saw the people who mattered. Antoine doesn’t listen to him. Lily abuses him every week. His step father would never accept him being half alien. Holly and Dominic, though, made massive sacrifices for Lewis to see what he needed to do. We even got a great hero shot of Mr. Socha at the end (see the picture).

I just hope he stays on this path through the finale. The promo for episode six doesn’t give me much hope. It looks like Lily and Lewis might sleep together. If they end up as a couple, I’m rage quitting this show.

Lewis, just put Adam Lambert’s “Aftermath” on repeat until next week, and you’ll be alright.

Wrap up those pros!

The-Aliens-Episode-Five-AntoineAntoine- Antoine is a character I think is okay. He’s not my favorite, but he’s not the worst person here. I wish we got more scenes with him. His right hand man clearly wants Antoine to be a mob leader again. Something has changed in Antoine since he’s went to jail. He’s still willing to get his hands dirty, but it’s not his first choice anymore. I think having Lewis around and the unknown past with Lewis’ mother is what changed him. It was fantastic he had a chance to kill Fabian’s son. It would have been a massive blow to his enemy. Instead, the father instincts came out as he sparred the boy. I’m wondering where exactly they’re going to go with Antoine. With the city of Troy rebelling, it looks like it won’t be Antoine vs Fabian anymore. Instead, it will be Troy vs the humans.

Fabian’s Son- This kid is so intriguing! Fabian clearly physically and mentally abuses him. The son, though, still went after Antoine to try and save his father. To be honest when the son got a gun, I half hoped he would shoot Fabian to escape the abuse.

Chief- I haven’t said much about Chief, Antoine’s right hand man, for a few episodes, because he hasn’t done much. Now that Truss is dead, someone has to take over the role of “Dick Cop.” He knows that Lewis is a half alien now, and he’s not happy with how Antoine is leading their mafia. I can’t wait to see what he does with this information.


Lily should be written as a villain

The-Aliens-Episode-Five-LilyI’m not going to rewrite for the third week in a row why I have issues with Lily. Check past reviews for that. I will, though, continue on how Lily should be written as the main villain of the show and not the romantic lead.

Lily doesn’t love Lewis. She doesn’t care about him in the least. He’s always been a pawn for her to move around Antoine and Fabian. If Lily loved him, she would have never outed Lewis being half alien to Holly. What’s worse, Lily did it to save her own skin. You don’t do that to people you love.

It all comes down to choices. I was talking with another user on Tumblr about The Aliens. They asked me if I thought Lily had any redeeming qualities. I flat out said no. She made all of her life choices putting her in the position she’s in. Yes, Lily grew up in Troy which is an awful place. So did Dominic, though. Dominic chose to go the right path to better his life. Even in the face of oppression, he would take chances to apply for better jobs. Lily had all of these opportunities too. She didn’t choose to take them.

That’s why she would make a much better villain. All of her choices get people killed, maimed, or has destroyed Troy around her. If these were all ploys for her to seize power in Troy, then I could fully support her as a character. She would actually make a fantastic villain! Instead, they push for her to be the abusive romantic lead who will get Lewis killed one day.

What a waste of my time.

Lily should be the main villain, because Fabian is a terrible one

The-Aliens-Episode-Five-FabianI’ve never seen Fabian as a threat or a villain. One review, I called him a peacock. In another, I said he was a child. Hell, his son had more guts in this episode than he did! Fabian is chewing away at the scenes adding nothing to the actual story. This is why I think Lily should be the main villain. She’s moving Fabian’s pieces for him. She’s planting ideas in his head. Ever since the Pilot episode, all of his plans came from Lily. He’s a terrible antagonist stealing screen time that could be used to develop other characters.

Also, Fabian has placed his men in charge to do various different jobs. When optimistic but not the wisest Dominic can stop one of Fabian’s hit men and then team up with Lewis to outsmart Fabian’s right hand man, you have a massive problem. Fabian and his men are all idiots. I’m not sure how he came to power in the first place, because he’s failed at everything.

Fabian is the other big waste of time on this show.

Wrap it up!

There were many parts of this episode I loved. Dominic and Holly carried it, while Lewis finally found his hero mojo. I’m still not happy with Fabian and Lily which took down the score a bit.

I gave episode five of The Aliens 16 out of 20.

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  1. Oks

    April 28, 2016 at 10:26 am

    Hi, interesting read. I must admit, I was quite hooked on this show The Aliens, and that’s quite something as I make it a point to keep away from anything that would trigger obsessive, compulsive watching.
    I completely understand your disdain for Lily. She is an unrelenting user, clearly there are issues with men and sex, as she alluded to in episode 3. It’s exactly this, glaring issue, I would say, that you have maybe failed to see. You wrote that Lily’s choices are what have led her to a life of crime and manipulation and that the ever so sweet Dominic clearly made the right choices to not be moulded by the lawlessness of Troy. For me, that is unfair comparison. They are two individuals, one being a man and the other a woman. That in itself would have a major impact on their life experiences, especially in such an unregulated, unsavoury environment.
    In episode 3, she mentioned that sex was always associated with her receiving help from men, even from an early age.
    Could it be that Lily was a victim of sexual abuse from a tender age, when instead of being protected by men, she was abused by them?
    Is it that she recognised the power of sex and instead of being a victim used it as a tool to get what she needed/ wanted?
    Interestingly, she never slept with Lewis and though she has been a major cause of the turmoil in his life, she repeatedly found a way to “rescue” him.
    I believe she did care for Lewis, her tears at the end of episode 4 showed this. Perhaps believing she could actually trust a man and that he would care for her, only to be jilted at the last minute, thus reinforcing the negativity she feels towards men.

    I’ve enjoyed reading you reviews and dissecting the characters in this amazing show.
    I look forward to reading your review of Season 2, if there is one.
    Many thanks!

    • Hope M.

      April 28, 2016 at 11:08 am

      Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

      Before I answer, I do want to say I still haven’t seen the final episode of The Aliens. My best friend’s wedding is a few weeks away, and I’ve been in a crazy wedding mode. So no spoilers about the final episode!

      Even if Lily was sexually abused at a tender age, I don’t take that as an excuse. I was sexually abused myself, and I don’t let that make me ruin people’s lives. I never take that as an excuse. Because unless it was mentioned on the show that she was sexually abused, its not canon. It’s not canon and that argument can be thrown out. For all we know, she had an awesome childhood with great parents, and then decided to go into the mob. (Once again, I haven’t seen the last episode because I don’t get paid to write these reviews and there’s a wedding right around the corner.) We can assume all day what her past was, but unless it’s on screen, it’s not canon.

      And about her being a woman in Troy, I will give you the Dominic argument, but what about Paulette? Sure, Paulette might be a crazy activist person, but we do see her trying to better children’s lives. We see her standing up to Fabian and Antoine in her own way by being an activist. And she’s a woman too. She made those choices.

      I did say in episode two I liked that Lily knew how to use sex against men. That’s not the issue I have with her. That was never the problem I had with her. My issue has always been how they write her with Lewis. She hurts him, abuses him, almost gets him killed, and the writers make it look like they’re going to be star crossed lovers who are destined to be together. That’s crap. That’s glorifying an abusive relationship. That’s not okay.
      I also had the problem with that Lily could have been an awesome villain because she’s smarter than every man on this show. She could own Troy if she wanted to. And that’s a ton of wasted potential to have her piddle back and forth among Antoine, Fabian, and Lewis to poke and push them to square off.
      Going back to the women in Troy argument, how much cooler and more inspiring would it be to see a woman come from this terrible place, rise above it, and take over Troy? Maybe she was an antagonist to everyone, but what if she took over and made it better?
      Wouldn’t that be a cooler story than her almost getting Lewis killed 12 times?

      Thanks for the feedback!

      • Oks

        May 5, 2016 at 4:58 pm

        Very true, I did forget about Paulette and her proactive attitude in standing up to the gangsters.
        To be honest I have many opinions about the show and the various characters, that I have perhaps, compartmentalised my views rather than looking at all the evidence as a whole.
        LilyHot’s character is a complex and very confusing/ misleading one.

        I do still standby my thoughts on Lily, though I don’t believe that is what necessarily or wholly drives her actions, and of course the abusive relationship between Lily and Lewis is not okay but the whole show is based on abuse, control and exploitation. Sadly a reflection on what many of us experience.

        I have enjoyed reading your reviews, i look forward to hearing your views on the final episode!

        Take care!

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