Instant Reaction (The 100): Wanheda Part 2

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Well if you thought last week’s episode was bananas, this week’s is a whole flipping bunch of bananas!

Honestly it’s hard to know where to start – what to unpack first. Instead of approaching this with likes and dislikes like last week’s episode I think I’m going to discuss this in relation to the different plots unfolding. All of these plots loosely tie into each other; the political web is certainly being spun and there are several players. I, for one, am EXTREMELY interested to see how this will play out. I’m going to dive right into things here. Heads up that I’m leaving for vacation in the morning so unfortunately there will not be any pretty gifs or screencaps this week.

The Jaha vs. Murphy/City of Light Nonsense:
Thank you Murphy for getting the hell out of there as quickly as possible. I don’t want to criticize all religion or spirituality because it does benefit people and build community but also as someone raised in an extremely religious household, Jaha gives me the creeps, and I am fairly certain it is because he sounds like all of those religious authority figures I knew growing up. Part of me is like loosely interested in seeing where this goes (a very small part, mind you) but mostly it makes me uncomfortable. And, if I am being honest, Jaha kind of feels like a really bad or campy or just boring version of Gaius Baltar’s character from Battlestar Galactica. Which, if you’ve seen that show, created one of the most loathsome, compelling, human characters through the Baltar narrative. But for two different guys that see attractive ladies in red dresses in their minds (or whatever the City of Light really is) and have embarked on spiritual journeys, Jaha just isn’t that compelling to me. I hope that changes. This plot line seems like it could have promise and potential, but for the moment it’s very meh and absolutely the weakest part of the episode.

Farm Station Survived:
This was a great turn of events. When the “Grounders” that had ambushed the rover with Kane, Bellamy, Monty and Indra in it at the end of last episode, I never would have guessed that the ambushers were actually survivors from another part of the Ark. And *BONUS* Monty finds out that his mom survived (his father was killed by the Grounders it is later revealed). They landed in the north – in Ice Nation (Azgeda) lands – and were shown absolutely no mercy. The survivors reported that their children were slaughtered while playing in the snow and from that point they have loathed the Grounders. The key players here are Pike and (maybe) Monty’s mom (I didn’t catch a name for her). Mostly Pike though, who is 100% in the camp of all Grounders are bad Grounders. From promos we can see that he’s going to (probably) divide the remaining Arkers by forcing a pro vs anti-Grounder argument.

The other part of this that makes me excited is to know who else survived from the Farm Station lading. I would have to go back and watch Season 1, but are there any characters that were relevant then, on the Ark, who might still be alive from the Farm station landing. The question of Monty’s parents was answered right away, but what about  Miller’s boyfriend? We learned that he was a part of Farm Station as well. The revelation that Miller was gay in the last episode was an unexpected surprise and a welcome one. Will the confirmed existence of Farm Station’s survival mean we will get to see this mystery boyfriend? Or will he be dead? After raising that very question last week within the show itself, I would be surprised and disappointed if we don’t get some sort of answer.

Return to Witch Mountain Mt. Weather: 
In this plot line we get more discussion on what to do about Mt. Weather’s resources and also more info on Jasper. Remember last week when I was harping on the kid? Well this week it feels more genuine and Jasper seems to be starting some tentative steps towards healing. Octavia is great as a presence here because she can be a shoulder to cry on for Jasper without minimizing his hurt. Additionally, she’s one of the few on the crew that had absolutely no control over or part in the killing of the Mountain Men. Monty, Bellamy, and Clarke all participated in an action which brutally affected him. And if you’ll remember, it was Octavia who was also present to witness the deaths. Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty saw the aftermath, but were not present for the deaths themselves. Honestly I would love for this to be a strong part of the the story they are telling because I think the Jasper/Clarke dynamic parallels the Clarke/Lexa dynamic really well. In both cases you have a betrayal of someone you trusted (specifically a trusted leader and ally), you have a lost love (Jasper’s love Maya dies, Clarke’s love is lost via Lexa’s betrayal and abandonment), and hopefully as this season progresses both will have to work through their feelings of greif and pain to see if they are capable of forgiveness. It would be amazing to me to have Jasper ultimately forgive Clarke making Clarke recognize that perhaps she too can forgive. Or vice versa.

The other part of the Mountain plot involved Lincoln and Octavia finding a wounded Nyko (he’s attacked by members of the Ice Nation), and Abby and Jackson taking him to Mt. Weather because they don’t have the right blood type down at Arkadia. This felt a little clunky to me, and I can’t quite put my finger on why. Maybe it was just that this scenario had clearly been conjured just as a vehicle to get Abby back to Mt. Weather and tease the question again, what should be done with all the supplies? Admittedly, Nyko has a good moment when he says “places aren’t evil, people are” and while in general I think I agree with that I also think that sometimes there are certain places that will always leave a bad taste in my mouth. Is it a nice sentiment that they could turn Mt. Weather into a great, thriving, open settlement, or maybe a hospital? Sure. In theory it sounds great: turn a place that was once a death trap into a place of life-giving and healing. The reality is trickier than that because so many people were traumatized by that location. I guess we’ll have to wait and see where this leads, but I doubt this decision to reclaim/inhabit Mt. Weather will go over well with other clans.

Everybody Wants to Steal My Girl (Clarke): 
We last left Clarke with a Roan holding a knife to her throat and kidnapping her. Clarke believes he is taking her to the Ice Nation so that their queen can killer her and consume her powers. As we find out at the end of the episode, Roan was actually bringing Clarke to Lexa so that his banishment from the Grounder community would be lifted. While I still have questions about why he was banished, what exactly the banishment entailed, and so on, I have shelved those questions in favor of the main one that is confusing me at the moment: if Roan is prince of the Ice Nation and the Ice Nation is now breaking the Grounder Coalition agreement, then why not go to the Ice Nation directly? Surely bring the queen/his mother Clarke would being him back from banishment in her eyes just as he presumed it would in Lexa’s eyes as well. In plain terms, why is he still choosing to recognize Lexa’s authority over his mothers? I’m sure those questions will eventually be answered but for now they are puzzling me.

Beyond the Roan stuff, the other part of this was Bellamy, Kane & Co. following in Clarke’s footsteps – trying to track her down and bring her back to Arkadia – and also the reunion between Clarke and Lexa at the very end of the episode. Shippers rejoice, there was a little bit for everyone in this episode (at least for Clarke’s big two ships). Full disclosure to readers, I am a Clexa shipper all the way, but I absolutely love the Bellamy/Clarke dynamic and can totally see why people would ship that romantically. My philosophy in every fandom I have been in is “ship and let ship”. Lucky for all of us we had some great moments in this. Bellamy actually does find Clarke only to then be injured and nearly killed by Roan. Even with his injury he wants to continue looking for her. He looks absolutely devastated when Kane tells him they have to head back; that Bellamy’s injuries are too great to continue. I think that Bellamy feels a great deal of guilt over letting Clarke leave on her own. Even if it was what she wanted. And here he is, in his mind, abandoning her again. Letting her fend for herself. I think that is something that has been tearing him up for the last 3 months, and I am really excited to see their reunion and how their dynamic will or will not shift in light of their experiences over the last 3 months.

Over in Polis (presumably) Clarke and Lexa are reuniting. To say it is an unpleasant reunion would be an understatement; Clarke spits in Lexa’s face, calls her a bitch, and threatens to kill her. For me as a Clexa shipper this was very emotional to watch, but also incredibly satisfying story telling. Of course Clarke is going to be devastated and betrayed and angry. Of course they aren’t just going to reunite and have everything be wonderful. As someone deeply invested into this relationship I say will all sincerity, thank God they are treating this with weight and substance. For me, the Clexa story at this point only works if Clarke gets to be genuinely angry and then later be able to forgive Lexa. Lexa did not force her to pull the lever, and I do not thin Lexa is heartless for abandoning Clarke. I think that her world is harsh, and she is responsible for the lives of far more than the 40 some odd kids she was trying to help Clarke save. That being said, Lexa’s decision ultimately backed Clarke into an corner where the only choice was retreat or press forward. Clarke pressed forward and that lead to her wiping out a population of 300 people, including innocent people and children. Next week’s promo tease more interaction between these two and I am very, very excited to see where this story is going.

That my friends, concludes this week’s instant reaction to The 100 episode 2, Wanheda Part 2. Please share your own thoughts and reactions in the comments below.

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