10 Unanswered Questions in Once Upon A Time

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How did Aurora and Mulan save Prince Phillip from the Wraith?

OUAT201-00985I’ve had a theory for a long time now that Aurora’s baby is actually a demon. Like some weird sort of Rosemary’s Baby stuff going down. That’s because we never found out how Mulan and Aurora saved Prince Phillip’s soul from the Wraith. I joke that he’s secretly a wraith in disguise waiting to make his move to conquer Storybrooke. Of course, this isn’t the case, but it’s fun to think about. That said, I know a lot of fans I’ve talked to were disappointed to not see how it happened. We were given a ton of Mulan and Aurora interactions. The pro-LGBT fans clutched to the Sleeping Warrior ship wishing for more adventures with them. It was a huge let down seeing Phillip perfect healthy (until he was turned into a monkey) in season three with no explanation of why. We still haven’t seen Phillip in Storybrooke. Maybe he IS A DEMON IN DISGUISE WAITING IN THE WINGS! Kidding, I’m kidding. But as I said at the beginning, I would love to see a monthly Once comic from Marvel. I feel like that’s the only way we’ll get an exact answer of how the rescue actually went down.

Why focus on beans, doors, and magic wands when Emma can make Jefferson’s hats work?

00948Since “Hat Trick,” I have never understood this. Ever. At all. A lot of the discrepancies come from if Emma’s hat actually works. Emma makes a hat that has magical qualities. When Jefferson disappears, it’s with the hat that Emma made. Emma’s hat then goes with her and Mary Margaret. Later in season one, Jefferson has his own hat again which he uses to aid Regina in getting her apple. Then in “Broken,” Regina produces Jefferson’s hat that sends Emma and Snow to the Enchanted Forest. It’s Emma’s magic that makes the hat work in the first place, not Regina’s. That’s the hat that is destroyed by King George.

My question is where is Emma’s hat? Does it work the same way that Jefferson’s did? If so, then why scramble to get beans and magic wands to world hop? Emma can just pop over to Jefferson’s place, grab a hat, make it work, and BAM! Easy world traveling. I know I’m biased to this point, because Jefferson is my favorite character. I started watching Once in the first place for Sebastian Stan. It constantly pisses me off that his character AND all world hopping rules have been thrown out a window. Everyone can easily world hop now unless your name is Rumpelstiltskin.

Why not use August more?

tumblr_m4mtemk9Ok1ruyfc4o1_500Whether you love him or hate him, August should be playing a much bigger role in Once. He was built up to be this huge enigma (with a beard) in season one only to be completely thrown to the side. He’s a huge factor in Emma’s life. He knows more about the Author and the book than anyone else other than Blue Fairy. He could be nurturing Henry in his new found role. He’s been around the world and met people like The Dragon. Were there other magical beings out there that he’s ran into? He knew about Tamara in season two. Going back to my above point, are there others in the Home Office he’s been avoiding? He had a relationship with Neal as well. How did August handle the death of his friend? We know he’s in Storybrooke in season five. I’ve always seen August like an older brother figure to Emma, so it REALLY bothered me why he was MIA in the Dark Swan arc. He would go through hell to save Emma alongside the Charmings and Hook. Plus, I think it would be really funny for him to give Killian a shovel talk about dating Emma. August has an incredible vast amount of knowledge not being tapped into by the main characters. He could be a great informant to the cast, but the writers choose to ignore the character. It makes sense, though, seeing how they never use Belle. If you’re smart in Once, you’re not going to have much screen time.

Why Once Upon a Time bring new characters into the show when you have fan favorites from season one with little to no development?

vlcsnap-2013-01-11-00h40m51s150Let me say this first. Georgina Haig, Elizabeth Lail, and Amy Manson did a fantastic job in their roles of Elsa, Anna, and Merida. If they were trying to make a live action version of Frozen or Brave, it was absolutely stellar. To me though, none of their stories ever fit into the world of Once. I came into the show for the new takes on literary tales. The occasional nods to Disney was fun here and there. But since season four when they went full fledged Disneyland, it just doesn’t work with me anymore. I don’t mind the occasional new character here and there. Zelena has been a fantastic addition with her cray-cray dumping all over the place. I was also excited for Rapunzel being she’s my favorite princess. Cruella was a complete surprise and I loved her.

The problem is having these new characters every freaking season is overkill. We didn’t need Merida in season 5A, because there was already so much going on with Dark Swan, Arthur, and Merlin. It’s cluttering the writing. Especially since there are so many fan favorites from season one who never get love anymore. I adore the main cast, but the minor characters are my favorites. We had a glimmer of hope when Leroy made his speech about minor characters never helping anymore. I cheered so loud in that moment. BUT THEN THEY GOT DROPPED IN SEASON FIVE! Where were the dwarves to help Snow White when she left with Lancelot? Those are her KNIGHTS! Granny completely vanished too! To be blunt, I don’t care about Merida, Elsa, Anna, and the rest. I’ve seen those movies already. I’m good. They’re just ways to use cheap promotions to wrangle in viewers. Stop with the underdeveloped Disney crap and write with that ensemble from season one that got you this far in the first place.

I guess what I’m saying is I hate looking into crowd shots and seeing random townsperson #5. I miss scenes like in “Broken” where you look behind Emma, and there’s Archie, Ruby, Granny, Blue Fairy, Victor, Leroy, and the characters we love.

What is the “Final Battle?”

Rumple behind bars on Once Upon a TimeSince day one, this is my biggest unanswered question with Once Upon A Time. In the “Pilot,” Rumpelstiltskin gives the Charmings a prophecy about their unborn baby. When the curse comes, Emma will return in twenty-eight years, and “then the final battle will begin!” What exactly is the final battle? It sounds as if Emma will be leading a huge army at some point against the forces of darkness. I thought we were going to answer that in season four with the heroes vs. villains arc. That would have made sense. Nope, didn’t happen there. Okay, so was it season five when the Savior became the Dark One? No? Got it. Are we going to have a time where Rumpel states that a certain moment is the final battle? We haven’t gotten that yet, so I assume we haven’t reached it. It could still be coming depending on how long Once runs for. Until then, that’s a major clarification that needs to come.

Round them up!

I have plenty of smaller unanswered questions that I know will never be addressed:

Dr. Whale and his brother Gerhardt appear in a flashback on Once Upon a TimeWill Granny get a back story? Did Victor ever find Gerhardt? How far did the original curse reach if it got Victor and Jefferson in their worlds? Is Good Morning Storybrooke considered canon? If not, did Nova and Grumpy ever reunite? Will we ever see Hart Archer and Goldie Locksley in the show? Is Goldie actually the real Ursula in disguise? What happened to Killian’s new bother Liam 2.0? What are some of the adventures Baelfire had in Neverland? Where did Zelena send Dorothy at the end of Oz with the silver slippers? Touching on the comic “Out of the Past,” did Cora really let Jefferson roam around when he was captured? How else would Alice know who he was? How did Archie, the nicest person, start working for Rumpelstiltskin? What is the Wolf that follows Emma around? Where are all the princes and princesses in Storybrooke? They’re all leaders of their own countries! Why not step up more to help their friends, the Charmings? Captain Hook holds a sailboat in bottle in this image from Once Upon a TimeWhen did Elsa get the power to shrink Hook’s ship and trap Ariel? Where are the Darlings? Where did Guinevere escape to in Storybrooke? Where’s King Arthur for that manner? If Merlin was all powerful, why did he have an easy death and go down like a chump? If the key to saving Dark Emma was Nimue, how would finding Nimue actually help if she was a Dark One all along? Can we please have a map of all the worlds? Are the genies in Once: Wonderland in any way related to the Enchanted Forest genies like Sidney Glass? Are we going to learn about any of the other dwarves and their pasts? While I don’t care about Lily at all, who is her father? Where are all the children in this town since Hansel, Gretel, and Grace have vanished? Ever notice how there are no teenagers either? Do they kill all the teenagers like in Hot Fuzz? If the Underworld is for people with unfinished business, will we see Prince James, David’s brother, who was murdered? Lancelot’s mother is the Lady of the Lake? Like the one Charming killed in season two? Will we ever get Once: Wonderland on DVD?

And the list goes on and on. I hope one day we’ll get some of these answers. If Once Upon A Time is anything like LOST, I know we never will.

What are some of your burning questions? Let us know in the comment section!

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