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Jessica Jones Recap 1.4 AKA 99 Friends

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I always give new television series three episodes to catch me. Jessica Jones caught me right away but this fourth episode trapped me.

Jessica knows someone or someones is following her, snapping pictures on Kilgrave’s orders. She doesn’t know who so she starts to suspect everyone. Or so she thinks, she actually has a few blindspots. She gets a new client who she also suspects is a Kilgraver so instead of working the case she follows her client around for a day.



Best use of superpowers in a Marvel series to date.


This leads to an amazing scene where the client and the alleged deadbeat husband are actually teamed up to lure Jessica, who they know to be powered thanks to the laser eye comment she made in episode one, to an abandoned apartment so they can kill her in revenge for the Battle of New York that took place in the first Avengers film — the woman’s brother was killed in the fight. Jessica points out that a) she wasn’t there, b) she’s not an Avenger, c) it wasn’t the Avengers fault, and d) bad things happen. To Everyone. She does this loudly and with a lot of thrown furniture and pieces of wall and such.

Jessica the Rage Monster

Jessica the Rage Monster

But the greatest thing that happens is Jessica forms that support group I suggested at the end of my last recap. Hogarth and Associates (Jeri’s firm has a longer name with at least one more named partner but this is how I think of it) is inundated with people claiming to be Kilgravers so Jeri ropes Jess into picking the real ones from the bandwagon. The faux Kilgravers are an interesting combination of funny and sad (ex: a pregnant teen using Kilgrave to get out parental wrath) and the real Kilgravers are the best evidence of how terrifyingly evil Kilgrave really is. He got one to hand over his jacket and another to give him a private cello concert. Horrifyingly one left his baby on the side of the road when Kilgrave needed to be chauffeured around for a week. But the most disturbing, due to its seeming innocuousness, is the woman he asked to smile. The show draws a clear and distinct comparison to every random guy on the street who tells a woman to smile more and thinks it’s a compliment. It’s not, it’s creepy like Kilgrave. Don’t be Kilgrave.


The Kilgravers meet up at a bar to try and get over their trauma in group therapy but Jessica hijacks the session to get real intel about Kilgrave’s whereabouts out of them. Oh, Jessica.


There are three more Kilgravers in the episode. Jess convinces Trish to apologize to Kilgrave on the air and he gets a little girl to tell Jessica it worked and “Patsy Walker is safe.” It’s little details like this that stand out: Kilgrave refuses to use the iteration of Trish’s name that she is currently using, and clearly trying to establish. He doesn’t care and it says a lot.

Kilgrave is a horrible terrible really bad person.

Kilgrave is a horrible terrible really bad person.

The cop who tried to kill Trish in the last episode reappears, un-Kilgraved and desperate to make things right. He thinks this entitles him to try and break down Trish’s door, and once it’s confirmed she’s alive, try and reconcile with her. Trish, and Jessica, make it clear he should leave her alone but instead he buys her a gun and hangs out outside her door making chit chat until she gives in and opens it. Are we supposed to find this charming because I don’t?

Seriously, screw this guy.

Seriously, screw this guy.

The cop also helps Jessica track down the Kilgraver who is photographing her by getting her hours and hours of surveillance footage. Jessica ends up stalking herself, which I find really interesting. She succeeds in identifying the Kilgraver: her neighbor, Malcolm.


I knew Malcolm was too random to be random. But now what happens? Will he be invited into the support group or will Jess stalk him stalking her in order to catch Kilgrave? I lean toward the latter.

I would keep any of the Kilgravers in the support group over the cop.

Jeri brings her new girlfriend to the restaurant where she proposed to her estranged wife and neither of them consider that at all acceptable. Jeri’s kind of a jerk.



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