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We've Launched a Patreon!

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Alex and I have some big news. We’ve launched a Patreon! Like a lot of content creators out there, we’ve decided to launch a Patreon to enhance our content, both in quality and quantity. This includes the podcasts Other Side of the Mirror, The Litch Line and What the Fangirl.

We could’ve run a Kickstarter before launching What the Fangirl, however, I believe in proof of concept. I wanted to see what What the Fangirl could be and that meant just going full steam ahead, launching in February 2015. It’s been a learning experience all the way, particularly for Alex and me, as we learn to manage content from a variety of writers. It’s great because we’re finding people who  actually get our mission of celebrating things you love, and engaging with media. Now we’re almost to the end of the year and we have decided to take the next step. We’ve financed all three podcasts, the web hosting and more out of pocket for three years, and some have suggested we start a Patreon like other creators, so here we are.


Patreon is a crowd-funding service where fans of content creators (us) pledge small amounts of financial support. We’re like PBS, and our work is brought by readers and listeners like you! You may be familiar with patronage concepts from medieval times, but instead of us writing poems and painting pictures, we’re discussing TV. It’s not Ode to a Grecian Urn, it’s Ode to a Really Bad Episode. Your support goes toward letting us do more with What the Fangirl and its three podcasts, in terms of web hosting, technology, and other expenses. Over the course of over 115 episodes of various podcasts, we’ve been financing this project for three years out of pocket, and we want to step up quality. Our ultimate goal is to pay the amazing people who write for us.


We’ve set up a few milestone goals for each level of support per month. The first milestone is $60, and lets us purchase a new microphone for our podcasts, which means our shows are better clarity and faster to record, since we currently use one for both of us. At $75 a month, Alex will record her own “drunk recaps” of Once Upon a Time, as she’s been promising. $120 will let us pay podcast hosting for a year. There’s other goals, but the most important milestone goal is when we reach $250 a month. Here we’ll be able to pay our contributors, which means a lot, because we conceived What the Fangirl not to be a playground for us, but a way for female fans to express their opinions on media, old or new. In the future, we plan is to retool the podcast so it focuses on one category (books and comics, tv and movies, etc) each episode so having the extra mic will let us do that faster.

Patreon lets anyone contribute what they’re comfortable with, whether it be $1 a month or $5 a month. Each level of contributions gets a reward. Rewards include a shout out, access to a patrons-only feeds with content such as  such as outtakes, instant reactions for shows we don’t podcast on, etc, Skype calls, your own custom podcast episode sent directly to you and more. The goals and rewards are subject to change, and we’re open to suggestions.

Some of our bonus content will include Alex’s Drunkcasts, fanfic for any ship written by us, and the opportunity to for you to tell us what we should podcast. (This may be my only hope for making Alex watch My Little Pony, or her only chance to make me watch something heinous like The Bachelor). You can see all of your options on our Patreon page


If you’re unable to contribute, don’t worry, we will still posting our content free of charge. Patreon allows us to give additional access to content. None of our content will go to a paywall, this just lets us give bonus access, early access, etc to our supporters. Thank you so much if you’ve ever downloaded us, liked us, written to us, reviewed us, provided feedback or sent us a message. This experiment has been one of the best creative experiences we’ve had, and we’re excited to continue, better and bigger than before. We hope that both of us, plus our contributors, continue to make content you love and respect.
Bri and Alex

Bri is the founder and co-editor of What the Fangirl. She loves chai lattes, Disney and fairy tales.

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