Forget Trump: These are Funny People Who Should Host Saturday Night Live

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We are skipping tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live. Bri and I once camped out for 14 hours to see the show (a Jon Hamm/Rihanna Halloween episode!) so we are serious fans. Many politicians have appeared on SNL over the years, including some whose values diametrically oppose my own. I lived with it. Policing comedy and comedians is just not my bag. However, giving Donald Trump a stage to stunt and soak in applause somehow feels different.

SNL never invited David Duke to host the show. I presumed this had something to do with his substantive views. Now I realize it’s just because he did not have funny hair! [Do me a favor and use Google to compare Trump’s statements about Latinos with things the former Grand Wizard/Louisiana Legislator/Presidential candidate said about all minorities.] As Trump continues to eject Univision reporters from his events because of the color of their skin, let us pause and ponder how this can be happening.

It’s happening because Trumpism is sure to create a frenzy that makes SNL newsy and buzzy and will garner super high ratings. The head honchos at Kabletown will probably say we are supposed to laugh “at” Trump not with him. I’ll pass on that. SNL has survived for 41 years and counting, it doesn’t need to pick low hanging comedy fruit to get attention.

More to the point, there are some very funny folks who deserve to host SNL. Can we please get some do-overs, mulligans, make-up shows, second serves… call it what you will… we suggest the following deserving hosts to make it up to us.

Gina Rodriguez

.Jane The Virgin --- Image: JAV01_NM_GINA_021r -- Pictured: Gina Rodriguez as Jane -- Photo: Nino Munoz/The CW -- © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

If you haven’t been tuned into Jane the Virgin then you are missing out on one of TV’s most inventive, amusing and heartfelt shows. This is largely because Gina Rodriquez knocks it out of the park every episode, playing Jane with great warmth, sensitivity and hilarity. I warn you, Rodriguez can make you laugh and cry in the same scene.

Jaime Camil


Speaking of Jane the Virgin, the most clever actor on TV today is Jaime Camil. Camil portrays Rogelio De La Vega, Jane’s biological father, who happens to be a telenovela star. Camil has had a long career on the screen and stage in Mexico and the US, living proof that comedy can transcend language and nationality. Camil is sexy, funny and speaks four languages. What’s not to love?

Serena Williams


Why hasn’t Serena Williams hosted Saturday Night Live? She’s the greatest living female athlete who also happens to be very funny. She also had to suffer the indignity of a Keenan Thompson impression of her, so I say the show owes her one.

Randall Park


This guy is amazing in everything he does. People were scared/put-off by the Fresh Off the Boat due to its irreverent title, but please give this show a chance. A recent episode was a meta-critique of how Asians are stereotyped in comedy. Park has been everywhere lately – on Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer, on Veep as Danny Chung, the smarmy veteran and Governor of Minnesota, as Kim Jong-un in The Interview, and as Louis, the family patriarch owner of a western-themed restaurant in Fresh Off the Boat– because he has mad comedy chops.

Constance Wu


Park’s counterpart on Fresh Off the Boat is Constance Wu. Her portrayal of Jessica Huang made Wu the show’s breakout star, and with good reason: she’s brilliant. Oh and also this: “My job is not to give you a watered down McDonald’s version of an Asian American family so that your next door neighbor thinks, Oh they’re just like me.” Sometime this decade Wu is going to be a huge star, underestimate her at your peril.

Cristela Alonzo


I recently recommended Cristela Alonzo’s eponymous show which is about to hit Netflix. It’s a great family show that shouldn’t have been canceled by ABC. But Alonzo will surely be back on TV in the future. She’s an excellent writer and a wry observer of culture who would be a great host.

Aziz Ansari


Parks & Recreation and Master of None star Aziz Ansari is very funny you guys. We’ve seen him do standup and it was great. His book on modern relationships? Great. I’m a little surprised Aziz hasn’t been invited to host SNL yet, since appeared on one of the only NBC shows worth watching.

Margaret Cho


This should be a no-brainer. Since Cho just blasted SNL for Trump, they could also demonstrate that they have the balls to backup their “anyone can be a host” mantra by inviting Cho to host. I dare you, SNL.

George Takei


Hey SNL, do you realize how hilarious Mr. Sulu is in real life? Have you ever heard him on Howard Stern? Have you read his essays? He even penned an April Fool’s column about being in talks to host SNL. Betty White hosted the show a few years ago, so I can’t figure out why the still-working Takei couldn’t make a great host as well.

Tyler Perry


SNL had has some funny sketches mocking Tyler Perry and his Medea movies. Since Eddie Murphy has (regrettably) made a living the last 20 years starring in Dr. Doolittle movies that are just Medea with animals, I don’t think Perry is beneath the show. Besides, the man has created a media empire and he’s done it outside Hollywood. He’s smart enough and savvy enough to host SNL.

Saturday Night Live has had many repeat hosts and the number of 5-timers is growing. As funny as those hosts are, it’s time to feature some new blood. We’ll be back to our regular SNL viewing habit next week.

Alex is a lawyer and opinionated.


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