NBC's New Pay Service Targets Comedy Nerds

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How bad do you want 40 years of Saturday Night Live? (As we told you a few weeks ago, pretty badly). That’s what the decision will come down to for most of us who are contemplating subscribing to NBC’s new streaming service. The $3.99 subscription gets you access to all 40 years of SNL, 30 Rock, and the UK and US versions of The Office. NBC also will throw in exclusive content like Kids in the Hall and Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Oh and also they’ll be presenting original content, including a UCB show hosted by Amy Poehler and an animated series from Community creator Dan Harmon.

NBC says its new service, called SeeSo, does not intend to become a rival to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. It’s basically a curated channel for comedy nerds. That does sound like something that should exist! However, from an NBC primetime point of view, this shows the Peacock is still daft about developing network comedy. If NBC is developing new content from Dan Harmon and Amy Poehler, perhaps those shows ought to be on in primetime. Today the network is a shell of its former comedy self, currently featuring Undateable as the network’s signature comedy show. (They’ve even planned a series of Undateable live shows, for all the people who are apparently clamoring to see Chris D’Elia record a sitcom in real time.)

Will you sign up for NBC’s SeeSo? What do you think of the name? (We Sell Sea Shells by the Sea Sho?) The beta version will be out in December, with the full service expected to launch in January.

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