Listen: Kelly Sue DeConnick Discusses Bitch Planet on NPR

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Calling all comic book fans: you’ll definitely want to give a listen to Kelly Sue DeConnick‘s recent interview on NPR.

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DeConnick is talking about the release of Bitch Planet Volume 1, which contains the first five issues of her groundbreaking comic book, published by Image Comics. DeConnick explains how her experience of writing Captain Marvel, who she transformed from a dominatrix-wearing sex girl to a flight-suit sporting fighter pilot, pushed her to create Bitch Planet.

Bitch Planet tells the story of a future world run by men where women who don’t cooperate are branded non-compliant and shuttled off to the prison planet. The stories of the women branded non-compliant strongly remind us of what we love about Netflix‘s original TV series, Orange is the New Black.

DeConnick also discusses the phenomenon of women tattooing the “non-compliant” logo on their bodies.

And a friend of mine, another comic book writer, said something that is so smart that I wish I had said it: He said, “You don’t get that tattoo because you are a fan of something in the book. You get that tattoo because that book is a fan of something in you.”

As permanently non-compliant residents of Bitch Planet ourselves, Alex and I can relate to what DeConnick is saying. We started a non-compliant website and all of our readers are standing in their own truth, whatever it may be. So Cheers to DeConnick and thanks NPR for featuring Bitch Planet on your program!

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