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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3, Episode 1: "Laws of Nature" Recap

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Between the melting apartment and the giant explosions we’d be excused for thinking the opening scene of “Laws of Nature” looked like the start of a Marvel movie rather than an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The season three preimere started with a literal bang and a clear indication that the Inhumans are here for good.

SHIELD shed a lot of it’s viewers early on for the simple fact that it wasn’t a Marvel movie (I was one of them, I know, I’m sorry) and left a lot of fans wondering why we should care about a few random agents when there are superheroes and aliens running flying around. And while the show has made it’s point that not all heroes are super, and proven we can still care about the little people in this expansive universe, it’s also upped it’s game with the introduction of the Inhumans and actual Marvel comics superhero, Daisy Johnson.

On a side note, it’s okay to call her Daisy guys. I know, I know, it takes some getting used to, but the character of Skye really hasn’t been erased like some fans like to claim, and it honestly doesn’t take that long to reorganize your tumblr tag. I promise.

Always Skimmons

She really did say that, I’m not even making it up. Ship names are of utmost importance to Chloe Bennet.

If one character feels in her element this episode it is certainly Daisy. While Bobbi has given up her battle staves for a lab coat and Fitz has given up his lab coat for a death wish, Daisy seems to have finally found her true place on the team, helping others come to terms with what has happened to them while fulling embracing her own powers. As the first member of the team we see on screen, Daisy helps protect new Inhuman Joey from a mystery group determined to capture him or take him down.

Joey marks the shows first officially gay character, (both Victoria Hand and Isabelle Hartley, girlfriends in the comics, had their sexuality left out since the writers didn’t want the backlash of killing off two lesbians… yeah) and though I would rather one of the main characters not be 100% straight, it’s a step in the right direction as long as he’s not instantly killed off.

While Bobbi, currently in rehab thanks to a knee injury, is confined to the lab and sets to work finding more information on our new mystery group, Fitz has travelled to Morocco in search of what seems to be his tenth “one last thing” that might give the team answers on what has happened to Jemma.

This may be the part of this episode I disagree with people most on, but hear me out. While Ian De Caestecker does some amazing acting in this episode, Fitz’s brain damage from last season is magically cured by his determination to find Simmons and the power of love. Jemma’s character arch continues to seem like nothing more than a way to get the viewers to say “poor Fitz” rather than any real exploration of her, and I still stand firmly in camp BFF Fitzsimmons, where girls are allowed to have guy friends that they don’t have romantic feelings for and don’t do a complete feelings 180 when the nerdy boy turns action hero.

Maybe the show will surprise me and have Jemma stick to her guns about only seeing Fitz as a friend – she certainly didn’t seem that excited about the idea of a date to me last season – but as of right now I’m disappointed in this development and her (most likely) being rescued next week rather than saving herself. You did so good subverting tropes with Skye and Ward guys, don’t let me down here!


Our second new character of the season is Rosalind, leader of the new group Coulson is finding himself coming to blows with, and the two have a nice heart to heart on a subway train once Phil and Hunter walk right into their trap. Rosalind seems to know a lot about Coulson and SHIELD, including Coulson’s resurrection and Project TAHITI, and it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to think she could possibly have spent some time in SHIELD, considering her many aliases.

The biggest piece of information we gain from this ambush however is the knowledge that Rosalind and her people aren’t the ones killing Inhumans before SHIELD can obtain them, a question we thankfully don’t have to ponder for half a season as our new Big Bad, Lash (see also: Sonic the troll doll), is currently doing battle with Daisy and Lincoln at a hospital, dragging Lincoln into a fight he really wanted to leave behind.

Lash may turn out to be a formidable villain this season, but his make up job looks like something I’d expect fifteen years ago from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and he gives up rather quickly after a combined Daisy/Lincoln attack and a few well-placed shots by Mack (even without his trusty axe).

Rosalind, by the way, has a very shocked reaction at seeing a picture of Lincoln upon arriving at the attacked hospital, and it doesn’t seem like coincidence that one of her many aliases had the same last name as him. Perhaps we will be getting more backstory for our new season regular, which seems good since we currently know more about Joey than we do this character from last season.

Come to think of it we knew more about Plank too...

Come to think of it we knew more about Plank too…

Another example of a couple-I-couldn’t-care-less-about, Hunter and Bobbi, continue their awkward “are we in a relationship or not” dynamic with Hunter determined to go after new Hydra head Ward, thanks to his torture of Bobbi last season. I might be glad Daisy seems to care so little about Ward right now that he’s not even on her radar, but I’d still rather see her – or Bobbi – or one of the other countless women he’s hurt (May, where are you!) take him on.

Fitz, back from Morocco with a description of the monolith that swallowed Simmons that simply says “death”, is still unable to let go of Jemma despite Coulson’s speech about saying goodbye. He’s reduced to screaming at a rock now all his other ideas have fallen through, and while this reveals nothing to him the viewers are gifted with a glimpse of what’s to come. Jemma, it seems, has been transported to an alien planet and someone or something is chasing her.

It was nice to get at least some kind of answer about Jemma’s whereabouts, and it seems the big cliffhanger of last season will be the main focus of next week instead of being stretched out for half a season. Hopefully next week we may also get some kind of flashback to the teams discovery of what happened to her, as it’s a little disappointing to not see most of the teams reaction to the event.

Status Report

This is a very different show than what we started with, but it’s only changed for the better and it deserves a second chance with anyone that might have been unsure during the first half of season one.

The third season is off to a good start, having already seeded some interesting storylines and given us a few things to ponder. What has Jemma been going through for the last few months? What will May have to say for herself when she finally comes back from vacation? Is the ship name still Skimmons?!

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