Get Your Agent Carter Season 2 Posters at NYC Comic Con

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Last week Marvel and ABC released the Agent Carter Season 2 promotional poster. Fans were on the edge while Agent Carter was on the cancellation bubble, saved at the last possible minute when ABC’s Paul Lee decided to renew the show for another limited series. Season 2 sees Carter moving to the west coast, as she teams up with Edwin Garvis and Daniel Sousa to battle underground villains in 1940s Los Angeles.

agent-carter-season-two-posterAlthough few details have leaked regarding the show’s direction, executive producers Tara Butters and Chris Dingess have discussed the introduction of new villain Madame Masque. In the Marvel comics, Madam Masque is a brilliant criminal mastermind who leads a mafia-like organization that battles Iron Man. Masque and Iron Man have a love- hate relationship. But Tony Stark doesn’t even exist in the Agent Carter universe, so they will need to rearrange Masque’s storyline to send her back to the 1940s.

“We’ve made her an actress, which is very Hedy Lamar. She was a ‘40s siren actress who was also a scientific genius, so that’s part of what we’re mining with this character,” said Butters. Masque has been cast, but the actress is under wraps – for now.

If you want the poster from Season 2, get yourself to New York Comic-Con, where Agent Carter will attend a Marvel TV panel. The Marvel booth will be handing out mini-posters from Agent Carter throughout NYCC. I can’t be there to get one, but I can’t wait to see the new season!


What about you? What do you think of the poster? Are you excited for the new season? 

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