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Downton Abbey Gets Long-Awaited (?) Video Game

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Downton Abbey fans now have a video game to whisk them away to the prestigious manor. It doesn’t feature the wise-cracking Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess (one of the best parts of the show to me) but it does feature a series of find-the-object games. In the new game, Mysteries at the Manor, you help the Crawleys recover their stolen valuables, gathering objects throughout the different levels.

The most interesting part of all is the game comes to us courtesy of the Call of Duty publisher, but you won’t find any combat here.   I actually enjoy these type of games, and might actually find myself playing it, but I would enjoy it more if the Dowager Countess popped up and chided me for not finding the objects fast enough.


The game is now a free download for Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire.


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