CBS Considers 'The Island of Dr. Moreau' Adaptation with Female Lead

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Unlike NBC, which has been mining the $5.00 DVD bin at Walmart for action movies to make into ill-fated shows, CBS is looking over a different type of project to make into a show. The network is currently mulling an adaptation of The Island of Dr. Moreau, but with a female lead. Honestly, this could be good, especially with the right casting. The novel was originally penned by H.G. Wells, and the show has been described as such. It’s from Phillip Iscove, creator of Sleepy Hollow.

Katherine Moreau is a bold and intelligent doctor who conducts innovative and wild experiments and treatments on a privately funded island hospital.

The news was reported first by Deadline. As for casting, no news is available, but I could see Jamie Murray, who ironically was set to continue her role as H.G. Wells for SyFy on a Warehouse 13 spinoff.

Who do you think should be Dr. Moreau?


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