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Game company Twisted Tree Games brings alive Russian fairytales

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If you’re looking for games that captivate you and draw you into a story, this might be just the one. Twisted Tree Games, creators of Proteus, are working on The Forest of Sleep, an experimental storytelling/adventure game inspired by Russian fairytales.

From the project’s page:

“You guide a group of three children through a forest, traveling between kingdoms and landmarks, helping strange people with peculiar requests, and sitting down to sing around a campfire in the dark woods.”

“Playful interactions with characters and objects lead to reactively-generated stories – ambiguous but with a strong sense of pacing, coherency and drama. The game features no text and relies on a cinematic language to suggest and communicate situations and relationships.

Characters, locations and interactions range from the magical to the mundane with absurd fairytale logic that forms patterns in response to your choices.”

This game sounds amazing, and the visions are beautiful. It should be released in 2016 for PC and tablet according to the creators.

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