American Horror Story: Hotel Teasers Feature Scares, Strange Guests, and Gaga

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The newest installment to the American Horror Story is almost here, as the teasers for “Hotel” arrive courtesy of FX and EW. As Den of Geek reports, the cast contains several familiar faces such as Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Emma Roberts, etc, but also Lady Gaga and Naomi Campbell. Cheyenne Jackson, Matt Bomer, Max Greenfield, Angela Bassett, Chloe Sevigny and Darren Criss are also now part of the cast. Seems this show might be worth checking out, even if the guests of the hotel can’t.

The first teaser shows what lurks behind the hotel doors.

The second shows the hotel’s idea of beauty rest. This may be spoilery.

American Horror Story: Hotel airs in October 2015.

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