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Music Review: Sophie Lowe's EP SOLO

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You come home at the end of a long day. You eat a light dinner and then head out to your back porch. Sit back, relax, watch the sunset while you drink wine and smoke the best cigarette in your life. In the background, you should play Sophie Lowe’s EP SOLO.

Solo - SOLO - EP - coverAlbum: SOLO

Artist: Sophie Lowe

Guitarist: James McComb

Producer: Neal Sutherland


I recently became a fan of Miss Lowe’s acting (Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, The Slap). When I heard she had an album called SOLO, I quickly paid and downloaded it from her bandcamp page. It suggests $5 in payment for the EP. You should pay $15-20, because it’s worth it.

Miss Lowe’s voice is quite unique. She’s haunting as she sings about lost love in “Bang Bang Bang.” It’s not the traditional sad ballad filled with morose lyrics. Instead, it takes the pleasantly strange route with a mix of borderline psychedelic melody with imagery of drifting in listless sorrow. You get the sense of floating in this cloudy realm with her.

My favorite song is “Time Goes By.” Sadly, it’s the shortest song on the EP at 48 seconds. It crackles like an old phonograph underscoring a 1940s Noir film.

There’s a soulful tone in Miss Lowe’s voice that reminds me of early Florence + the Machine. While the lyrics are straightforward, there’s a clear progression throughout the album. We start off in the realm of a broken heart and drift into a new sense of self and love in the final track “Dreaming.”

I love early EPs from artists. There’s a raw quality portraying the emotions of a song better than an overly edited full studio production. There’s no auto-tuning that I can hear, folks. Of course it’s not going to have that finished polish sound like a Beyoncé album, but I’m fine with that. To me, I feel a stronger connection to Miss Lowe’s message with this more organic sound. It’s crude, but in a brilliant way. 

I should say I grew up in the early days of Wizard Wrock, so I’m very used to the sound of EPs. Probably a 1/3 of my playlist on my iTouch are EPs. There’s something incredibly special about that kind of sound.

Which brings me to Miss Lowe’s recently released track called “Understand” from her upcoming second album. I hate to say it, but it lost that magic of SOLO. Her TripleJ profile says she’s in the genres of Electronic, Indie, and Pop. SOLO definitely falls under that Indie category. “Understand” is straight up Electronic. It’s just my opinion, but I’m not the biggest fan of Electronic music. Yes, with SOLO there’s still a bit of those synthesized qualities, but you could still hear the rich shimmer of fingers plucking guitar strings. In “Understand,” Miss Lowe’s voice and lyrics are still solid as they are in SOLO, but the music leaves me wanting more heart. I hope with the rest of the album, it steps back into the musical roots of the first EP.

That being said, I’m still awaiting the second album. I fell in love with SOLO and itching to hear more.

You can buy SOLO on Miss Lowe’s bandcamp or listen to parts on Triple J. I also highly suggest looking into her youtube page. There’s many songs on there that you can’t find anywhere else. Click on “BURN.” I love it.

All this and more is available at her website sophielowemusic.com.

What I mentally see when I hear her music:

Smoke, purple, twilight, an autumn night with lights over a city, sitting alone in a lounge, waiting for that someone, tears, lost words scribbled in a notebook never to be seen, chilled fog, that tingling in your lips when you’ve either smoked too much or kissed too hard

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