Our Favorite Moments from the Muppet Show Extended Trailer Pitch

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ABC’s 10-minute preview of their new Muppet show took Comic Con by storm. The preview is the proof-of-concept that Bill Prady and Bob Kushell produced to pitch ABC on an updated Muppet Show. It’s easy to see why ABC immediately jumped at the chance to get the Muppets back on air. If you’re looking for ten minutes of happy today, just watch.

These are our favorite moments.

5. Gonzo’s Criticism of the Mockumentary Format

The new Muppet Show follows your favorite Muppets for a behind-the-scenes look into their personal lives. The show uses the mockumentary confessional format that viewers are familiar with from shows like The Office and Modern Family. When Kermit tells his friends that they are going on the air with a mockumentary, Gonzo balks. “Cut to interviews? That is just a totally overused device to make easy jokes,” he says in the confessional. “Talking to the camera about how you really feel and cutting back and saying something different. I hate that.” Cut to Gonzo telling Kermit “I love it, great device.”


4. Piggy’s Make Out Session with Topher Grace.

Yes, there is a make out session between Topher Grace and Miss Piggy. “TMZ’s calling us ‘Tofiggy,’” Pggy beams. Kermit’s face while watching this make out session is a lesson in how amazingly lifelike the muppets are – the puppeteers can literally make facial expressions.


3. Fozzie’s Mixed Species Relationship

Fozzie has to meet the parents of his human girlfriend, which doesn’t go too well. The parents are full of the kind of righteous indignation people always drum up when confronted with mixed marriage, whether it be interracial, same sex, or human/bear. The parents note being two different species will cause lots of confusion later on. “Where will your children go to the bathroom? The woods?” The best bear-shitting-in-the-woods joke ever.


2. Kermit and Piggy’s On Again, Off Again Relationship

The will-they/won’t-they relationship between Kermit and Piggy is 30 years old, yet it still gets laughs. When Piggy decides to do the show (despite Kermit, not because of Kermit), she immediately takes offense to Kermit’s new girlfriend and attitude, “let the games begin,” she says dramatically. Noting that his girlfriend Denise is also a pig, Kermit sighs to Gonzo, “I just made my life a bacon-wrapped hell on Earth.”


1. Statler and Waldorf

Statler and Waldorf appear briefly to bitch about needing to turn the channel immediately. My favorite thing about the Muppets is watching these two old men heckle.


I love Statler and Waldorf, I think of them as the world’s first podcasters, so naturally they had to be my favorite moment. What’s yours?

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