Sling on HBO, Not 7 Days in Hell, But Close

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I’m one of those cord-cutters the news loves to talk about, and I’m dismayed to say that my latest foray into the cable-cutting adventure was pretty terrible. As an early adopter of Dish Network’s live internet TV service, I’ve been happily cable free for years now, and several months have been spent with Sling.

For the price of two deluxe grande ice frappes at Starbucks, I decided to sign up with Sling purely for one reason: HGTV. I was purchasing episodes of House Hunters (and International! Tiny House Hunters! My love for HGTV knows no bounds) from Amazon at a $1.99 a pop, and it was time to try something new.


Sling, love it, HBO, list it.

I signed up for Sling almost immediately after its launch, and I really enjoy watching HGTV, Disney, ABC Family, Lifetime, etc through the service on my Rokus. Yes, Sling has some complaints, such as you can’t stream on two devices simultaneously unless you pay extra, but I don’t really care. I do have some complaints of my own about HBO on Sling after experiencing a seven day “preview” of the channel’s features, or lack thereof. I added it, ironically, to test it out and watch 7 Days in Hell in the meantime.

Where are my shows?!

Forget the dragnons! Where are my shows?!

HBO on Sling offers little to no control of your content. While I can rewind, pause, or simply restart many programs on HGTV, Disney, etc. You can’t do this with HBO on Sling which meant that when Sling glitched, I just missed parts of the show or movie. Imagine the anguish for many during this season of Game of Thrones! That doesn’t even bug me as much as the fact I could sometimes not even turn to HBO in the middle of a movie or show. For instance, I was going to put Horrible Bosses 2 on to see if it was as funny as the first, and Sling wouldn’t let me. I could click through all of the other channels with no problem, but when I got to A&E, it would say it was HBO, and wouldn’t let me actually watch HBO. I had to wait until my show or movie was going to be on, and then turn the channel to it. This became really annoying throughout the seven days. HBO also advertises “On Demand” but the options for that were non-existent for me.

HBO for Sling costs $15.00 on top of the $19.99 price tag of the “Best of Live TV” package I have with Sling. The price is fine, but it’s the same experience as if you are going through a major cable provider, but without the DVR capabilities. Other drawbacks for HBO? No HBO Go access. Yes, you do get the live content that HBO Go doesn’t give you, but the lack of HBO Go, plus my experience over seven days, has led me to say no to HBO.

What are your experiences with cutting cable? Have you used Sling?


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