TVLine Teases Massive Blind Item: What Show Will Shockingly Break Up Its Lead Couple?

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TV Line’s Michael Ausiello is reporting that a huge, divisive split will occur on a popular and long-running 1 hour drama on the big 5 networks:

The breakup of a certain couple will go down as one of the — if not the — most polarizing events of the 2015-16 season.

Oh, a blind item involving fake characters! We are so in! Which long-running drama contains a love story that is so popular that breaking the couple up would be so polarizing?

Fitz and Olivia? Um, no. Are they even together? Do people even care if they officially get together? This is a show which killed Fitz’s son and murdered James! Scandal is too bonkers to have its DNA rocked by a simple breakup.


Everyone on Grey’s Anatomy has broken up and reunited multiple times. Law & Order SVU doesn’t have any successfully long romantic couples. No breakup could rock The Good Wife. Arrow just isn’t old enough, so forget about Felicity and Oliver.

Let’s delve further into the clues:

I’ve learned that a hit series will throw caution to the wind and put a (possibly permanent!) pin in one of TV’s most popular love stories — a game-changing move that threatens to seismically alter the DNA of the series.
Oh, and it will also piss off a lot of people, a backlash The Powers That Be are said to be fully prepared for and not necessarily all that fearful of; the aging series could benefit from having its core rocked, many believe.

These details had a lot of folks guessing Bones, but the couple was living apart for some part of 2015 and quickly and carefully reconciled by the season finale. Ausiello totally put that “DNA” reference in there to fool us. I don’t think it’s Bones.

Want more hints?

♦The fandom-shattering split (which was first teased in Ask Ausiello) is slated to air in early fall.
♦ The show in question airs on one of the Big 5 broadcast network.
♦ It’s a one-hour drama.

Does Once Upon a Time qualify as a long-running hit series? It’s the most watched show on Netflix and is entering its fifth season. We aren’t sure if it’s aging like fine wine or rotten cheese. Could it be Snow White and Prince Charming? If any show could benefit from getting its DNA rocked, it’s Once. The Powers That Be originally planned for Charming to be killed in the pilot, but I doubt they’d have the guts or the Disney clearance to breakup the ultimate True Love couple. And before you ask, no one else on Once is involved in a romance that is universally beloved by the entire fandom. Heck, Hook/Emma and Belle/Rumple are already polarizing to a lot of people and that’s when they’re together.


Seems like the clues point to Castle. The very DNA of the series is the relationship between Castle and Beckett. A breakup is just the thing they need for viewers not to fall asleep. ABC and series lead Stana Katic had a difficult contract renegotiation, which resulted in her re-upping for just one more season. During the discussion, ABC put out rumors that it believed the show could survive with Nathan Filion alone and has added a new girl to its cast. Castle also has a new show runner.

Are we all wet? What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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