See Maya Rudolph's Perfect Rachel Dolezal Impression

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When something big happens in the news and Saturday Night Live is on hiatus, we frequently lament the lost opportunity to see what the show would make of it. This is a pretty good indicator of the cultural position SNL still holds in the increasingly competitive world of comedy. According to Seth Myers and Maya Rudolph, when someone leaves the show, people stop them on the street to talk about a character which would have been just perfect for them to play.

Such is the case for Maya Rudolph, who has been approached every day by people wanting her to do an impression of Rachel Dolezal. “People are like, ‘Oh, it’s too bad, you haven’t been on SNL since 2007! You have to play this lady!'” said Rudolph. “I gotta say, the whole thing is very fascinating to me.” Rudolph stopped by Late Night With Seth Myers and donned a Dolezal wig, expressing her extreme confusion about whether her parents were African American.

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