The Mindy Project Saved With 26 Episode Order from Hulu

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Thank the TV powers-that-be, because The Mindy Project has a new life. After a spade of cancellations in recent weeks, this is great news for a beloved show. EW reported today that Hulu has picked up the series from FOX. Mindy Kaling shared the below image on her Instagram, confirming the news.

The Mindy Project, soon to be a HULU original

The Mindy Project, soon to be a HULU original

This move looks positive for the show, because it unlocks new doors for creativity. For one, Hulu isn’t held to the same standards of traditional primetime TV, meaning they have more freedom as far as content, and two, it lets the show retune and find what works best for itself again. When the show initially premiered, it focused on Mindy, but quickly found its feet when it shifted to a more ensemble cast, letting each unique character of Mindy’s life have a small and memorable part to play, much as Parks and Recreation. Soon it was one of the funniest shows on television to me (and many critics), and it also took risks, jettisoning characters and plotlines that weren’t working. So long, Casey, and Mindy’s BFF.

I also have hope that since Mindy Kaling actively worked on The Office, a show that ran past its prime, she and her staff know exactly how to keep the show fresh. It’s already showed it can take risks (Mindy in San Francisco and her pregnancy), and I would’ve hated the last scene of the show ever to be Danny at Mindy’s parents’ door. As a TV fan, I’m also grateful that FOX wanted The Mindy Project to start with, since NBC has repeatedly shown they have no interest in buying their talent’s projects. If run on NBC, the show would’ve been canceled pretty quickly, I believe. So congrats Mindy and crew, we can’t wait to see how the show lives on. Let’s celebrate with a GIF. Bust a move, Diamond Dan!



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