You Need Agent Carter, and Agent Carter Needs You

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With the last episode of Agent Carter less than a week away, we’re getting down to the last days to show the network that the show deserves to be renewed.

You Need Agent Carter

If you love the Marvel universe or not, Agent Carter is a show we all need on TV. If the show isn’t renewed, we won’t be left with unanswered questions like with Firefly (the season is contained to its eight episode run, and we already know a lot about Peggy’s future) but we’ll be losing a character that deserves to be on television.

Peggy Carter is the rare character that girls are hardly ever given the chance to have, because even now Hollywood is under the pretense a woman can’t be the center of such a story and sell. Despite Buffy or Katniss these kind of characters are always seen as a fluke, or reporters continue to try push any romance involved to front and center (see: Emma Swan, where this ruined the character).

Agent Carter is unapologetically on the side of women, in a way so many shows feel the need to say sorry for. Yes, it’s set in the past, but any one of us viewers could pick something out in the script that we can relate to today. [pullquote]
This isn’t a narrative we’re given often, where even the good guys are shown to have flaws when it comes to how women are treated, and where a woman learns to use these assumptions to her advantage and isn’t vilified for it.

It’s true the show still has its problems, it has yet to deal with the racism at the time (something else that would still be very relevant today), and it would be interesting to see the show deal with a same sex relationship (I put forward Peggy herself, with Angie). But the answer to this isn’t to scrap the show, it’s to give it the chance to do better.

Agent Carter Needs You

So while Agent Carter might currently be the second most watched in its time slot, the show is still in limbo when it comes to if it will be renewed or not. We’ve been told a decision is not going to be made until the season is over, but articles continue to report the show as doing badly (even with double the viewers of Supernatural, which still got renewed for an eleventh season).

A boost to Agent Carter’s finale would really help, and the main way you can take part is just by watching the show legally. Just enjoy the show. has compiled a list of all the ways you can watch the show, including for free on Hulu (use that free week of Hulu Plus and you can watch the most recent episode without waiting).

Tweeting about the show and following their various accounts on twitter, tumblr, and facebook can never hurt either, because the more positive buzz the show is getting, the better.

There are always going to be Marvel fans that won’t give this show a chance simply because it doesn’t have Steve Rogers or Tony Stark, just like there will always be Marvel fans that don’t see the need for a Black Widow movie, or complain about Captain Marvel being about Carol Danvers, not the man that originally held the name. Shows like Agent Carter are never going to have the chance to prove them wrong if we cancel them, because these kind of people refuse to see why something different is so important.

Money will always talk loudest, and Marvel and other companies keep fulfilling their own prophecy about women not being interested, driving them out by doing things like producing hardly any Black Widow and Gamora merchandise for the Avengers or channels cancelling shows like Young Justice because “girls don’t buy toys,” the toys they won’t produce.

Agent Carter is one of the small chances we’re being given to prove we do want these things, and we can’t just let it pass us by.


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