Other Side of the Mirror #98 Ice Ice Baby, Instant Reaction to Rocky Road

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This is our instant reaction to Rocky Road, the third episode of season 4 of Once Upon a Time. This episode was surprisingly enjoyable for us and we found ourselves liking Elsa more. The Snow Queen was an instant like, and also up for discussion was..




1. Comedic tone of the show

2. Relationship between Regina and Henry


3. Elizabeth Mitchell as Snow Queen was mesmerizing


4. Elsa and Kristoff — all the Arendelle scenes – SVEN!


5. Side characters and Mary Margaret


6. Bri really liked scenes with Hook and Elsa


 7. David and Emma




1. An evil character with a relationship to Rumple! Shocker!


2. No lines for Belle again!


3. Rumple and Belle’s relationship and storyline are dead


4. It’s disappointing that Marian isn’t a three-dimensional character. She’s a plot device.


5. The show’s weird ideas/theories about true love – don’t really add up and keep changing = you can fall out of love with your true love. Or is it she wasn’t his true love to begin with? Because that’s a retcon.

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