Other Side of the Mirror # 88 – Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, Kansas Instant Reaction

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This is our instant reaction to Kansas. Once again this episode reminded us that we are really spoiled as Regina fans.




1. Regina’s confidence was inspired by Henry with an assist from Emma and a nod from Robin Hood.


2. Regina’s decision to not kill Zelena.


3. Oz and the Divine Secrets of the Ta-Ta Sisterhood.


4. The Charming Family scenes.


5. The proposal – when in doubt, forget the ring, propose with a knife!


6. Continuity. They’re sure consistent with Regina but see #5 below.




1. Emma keeps talking only to Hook about Henry’s future. We cannot sit through one more scene between Hook and Emma about taking Henry to New York. Hook is right every time, but where is Regina?


2. We’ve had enough of Mixed Message Emma. And so has Hook. And so has Regina.


3. Emma not getting her magic back. Unless she’s lying about that…


4. Rumple’s betrayal.


5. Continuity. They’re inconsistent with the plot points. Remember the Black Fairy’s wand?


Our Questions for You:


1. Where is Dorothy now?


2. Where are we going next?


3. Does Emma really have no more magic?


Show Notes:


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