Other Side of the Mirror Episode # 87 – So You’ve Chosen a Magical Lifestyle Part II, Recap of Jolly Roger

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This is our full late recap of Jolly Roger. We found this Hook-centric episode just so-so, but it featured some really nice moments and we had a blast recapping it.


This Week in Belle the Cat: Yes, Alex did call her Rumple-Bumple and she steals things from the cabinets.


This Week on House Hunters: Snow and Prince Charming are shopping for an abode fit for a future king, but will it work for their adult, same-age daughter Emma, her son Henry AND Snow’s ex-wicked step-mother Regina, who happens to be Henry’s other mom?


This Week in Captain Swan: Hook has feelings for Emma and Emma has feelings for Hook and they include yes, no and maybe. If there are problems with the relationship so far, we feel they are caused by the confusing and inconsistent characterization of Emma rather than Hook.


This Week in Swan Queen: Regina re-indoctrinates Emma into the Magical Lifestyle, complete with the Magic Tackle Box, Vault, Clawed Gloves, and the Kabbalah.


This Week in Happy Endings: Ariel and Prince Eric actually get one.


Listener Feedback really rounded out this episode and we greatly appreciate your contributions to this one.



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