Other Side of the Mirror # 86 – Two Hearts That Beat as One, Instant Reaction to A Curious Thing

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This is our instant reaction to the episode A Curious Thing. We watched this episode after visiting Chicago’s “big comic thingy,” as Alex calls it (also known as c2e2), which is also why we’re behind on our recaps. We appreciate your feedback and will get to all of it!

Our likes and dislikes include:


1.    Regina broke the curse by kissing Henry!

2.    Snow White and Prince Charming were great together! Charming was self-sacrificing and Snow was on point tonight.

3.    Lana’s acting in those scenes with Snow and Charming was just exquisite.

4.    The ways Emma and Regina have changed places was underscored nicely by Emma’s desire to keep the truth from Henry while Regina wanted him to just believe and break the curse.

5.    It makes sense to us that Regina is trying to find ways to be happy and move forward even though her future with Henry was over or ambiguous. That’s character growth.  


1.    Swapping out the magical necklace from Clare’s Jewelry at the Fairytale Land Mall will defeat Zelena?  Regina can just split the hearts?  Everyone is a monkey? Feels like sloppy and random plotting.

2.    If you are a person who struggles with liking Emma, then tonight was probably fuel for your fire. Even though we can reconcile it by saying she’s understandably conflicted, she needs to learn to appreciate what is in front of her including that family she fought so hard to get.

3.    Disappointed that Robin Hood and Regina didn’t fall in love in the Enchanted Forest. Alex really wanted to see them flesh out Robin’s character, especially after Bleeding Through, which had nice moments for the couple.

4.    The way we’re skipping over the missing year is beyond disappointing! So nothing happened between Snow finding out she was pregnant and when they found Galinda?

5.    Nothing happened to Emma during the missing year, including her memories of Henry that Regina gave her, that are worth portraying on the show???

Show Notes

Special appearances by Stacy Q, Warehouse 13, Clint Eastwood’s Monkey, Mad Men’s Magical Cigarettes and more!


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