Other Side of the Mirror #82 – Twisted Sisters! Instant Reaction to It’s Not Easy Being Green

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This is our instant reaction to It’s Not Easy Being Green. In this episode you learn what we would do if we found a baby in a basket on our front door step, which show runner from the past we throw shade on and you find out which pickup lines do not work on Bri. Our various likes and dislikes include:


1.  Neal actually had a funeral and we PRESUME the ramifications of his death will continue to be felt.

2.  Belle was part of the group.

3.  Regina vs. Zelena lived up to its billing

4.  Wardrobe and set design were great.

5.  The Rumple/Regina dynamic

6. The references to The Wizard of Oz movie were well done.


Alex’s lucky guess Oz was Walsh came true, but we’re still a little disppointed nobody ever turns out to be just a normal guy. It’s a good twist but what about Dr. Whale?


1. The trust between Regina and Robin wasn’t earned and that made it feel out of character.

2. More backstory for Zelena is needed.

3. The theories from season 1 about Dr. Whale aren’t true.

4. Alex wonders about the sustainability of the show’s patterns long-term.


We thank Michael for his good catch on the scenes between Regina/Snow and Zelena/Regina and play two voicemails from Christopher and Nonnie.

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