Other Side of the Mirror #74 – It’s All Coming Back to Me Now!

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We’re counting down our likes and dislikes from the return of Season 3, Episode 12, New York City Serenade. They include:  

Bonus Likes and Dislikes! Before we launch into the show we announce our hatred for ABC’s Resurrection promos and our enjoyment of the OUAT highlights show. Onward!  


*Snow and Regina’s relationship has evolved and it is awesome!

*Emma’s new surroundings and all of the things and memories and emotions Regina created for her (FEELS)

*The tone of the show has shifted into new territory, the main characters continue to work together, the reset seems promising.

*We were unspoiled so it did not feel predictable. There’s a new mystery plus the flying monkey surprised us!

*Neal wanting to find a way back to Henry and Emma (but warning, Alex’s support for Neal will probably doom the character)



*Alex is bored by Aurora and Philip and questions Aurora’s life choices

*Bri misses some characters like Rumple and Mulan, plus Henry did not have his memories yet

*The timing of Robin Hood and Regina (but we’re keeping an open mind)

*Mini-rant about Adam and Eddie treating Jamie Dornan like the girlfriend they dumped but now want back ! (it’s toooooo late….knock it off!)


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Show Notes

Check out Christina Bianco’s interpretation of Celine Dion, Idina Menzel, Adele Bernadette Peters, Brittany Spears and all the divas! http://www.youtube.com/user/omegalyle76   


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