Other Side of the Mirror – # 73 – Six Gold Stars and Grading on a Curve

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Because we like to zig when you think we’re going to zag… this episode is about what Once Upon a Time does right! 

Watching an episode of Intelligence got us thinking about all the reasons we enjoy Once.

Are we grading on a curve? Only until the hiatus ends!

These are our six gold stars:

1. Inventive Premise is Inventive!

2. Character Growth. The show doesn’t get the cache it should for showing dramatic character arcs and making us change our minds about the characters.

3. Villainy! We like that OUAT doesn’t apologize for creating nuanced villains with both good and evil traits.

4. They represent fairy tales fairly accurately. Fairy tales are crazy.

5. Adam Horowitz’s engagement on Twitter.

6. Relationship between Regina/Emma/Henry should be celebrated. We also like the numerous roles for women.

 All that and our review of Frozen. 


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