Other Side of the Mirror # 72 – Sorry Not Sorry, Recap of Save Henry

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In our full recap of Save Henry, we analyze the evolution of Emma and Regina’s relationship including the total trust the two women demonstrated during this episode. We also discuss the difference between regret and remorse and ask why this discussion can’t also apply to Rumple.

This Week in Answered Questions:  Magic 8 Ball revealed the answer to what Regina intended to do with Baby Emma (kill her!), revisited the issue of Mr. Gold’s memory (reply hazy, try again later), but the story of Henry’s adoption was decidedly incomplete (better not tell you now).

This Week in Minor Characters:  Hey, let’s discuss Archie!

This Week in Old TV:  Henry is like Timmy from Lassie.

This Week in Product Placement:  Sandals Resorts scored the coveted Once Upon a Time product placement! Tab, Walkman and Tang reacted with jealousy.

This Week in Podcast Hosts: Bri declares that everyone needs therapy in Storybrooke  and Alex vanquishes a certain website’s Regina-haters.

This Week in Grades:  Snow is given a “has trouble staying on task” and Alex calls the episode “somewhat satisfying,” which Bri explains translates to a solid “B.” 


Is Regina’s reference to the game Space Paranoids a secret reference to the Kitsis/Horowitz graphic that plays at the end of each episode? 

We’re planning a Best/Worst of 2013 episode. What were the things you loved most in 2013?

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