Other Side of the Mirror # 66 – She’s Got Legs and She Knows How to Lose Them, Ariel Recap

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In this full recap of episode 6, Ariel, we briefly discuss Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid and how it was translated by Disney and Once Upon a Time.

This week in Snow School:  We learned that Snow has a bunch of BFFs, still can’t keep a secret, and is SO Team Neal.

This week in  Regina Studies: We discovered yet again that Regina is a BAMF.

This week in Rumplology:  We compiled more evidence that Pan is Dear Old Dad and watched as Rumple became Regina’s co-BAMF and BFF in Darkness. 

This week in Plato’s Cave:  Snow sees her shadow and it says baby; David sees his shadow and it says not my baby; and Hook sees his shadow and it says I want my step-son’s baby mom.

And this week in Emma:  Emma went to Echo Cave and all she got was this lousy guy in a box.

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