Other Side of the Mirror # 63 – It’s not Maybelline, It’s Magic! Instant Reaction to Good Form

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This episode is our instant reaction to Good Form, which found us in the shockingly happy position of not having any real dislikes!

Our five likes included:

*Emma. Regina. Snow. Feels!

*Emma. Regina. Henry. Swan Queen. Feels!

*Henry. Drawing a house in the dirt. Feels!

*Hook objects to dreamshade as a biological weapon. Feels!

*Charming saying goodbye and then bonding with Hook. Feels!

Listen as we complain or argue about the following things:

*Feline Belle trying to wreck our viewing experience by getting trapped in the closet then ransacking the kitchen!

*Lana Parrilla is Ursula. ABC Promo strikes again!

*Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp and Nelly Furtado. Fight!

*New ships, many involving Pan!

*Fifty Shades of Sheriff Graham! (no complaints there)

*Secret password-protected dirty podcast! Alex says yes, Bri says no!


Please stick around for some excellent feedback from Marianne (Captain Swan and non-first loves), Bobbie (Sleeping Warrior) and Stiltzkin (Tink, Regina/Emma, Pan). Plus a voicemail from Chirstopher with food for thought about the possibility Leopold told Snow she was the prettiest of them all, while denying Regina, his wife, any love at all.

Bri is the founder and co-editor of What the Fangirl. She loves chai lattes, Disney and fairy tales.

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